Monday, June 23, 2008

The Ultimate Fighter Finale Videos: Riddle vs Rivera and Sadollah vs Dollaway


What a night of fights. Best part is in 2 weeks we do it again (Jackson vs Griffin). Rinse and Repeat (Silva vs Irvin) .We'll have them up for you over the next day or so...

Matt Riddle Vs Dante Rivera

And Amir Sadollah Vs CB Dollaway

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Silvia Picks up Pitbulls Sloppy Yet Succulent Seconds

Talk about salt in the wound.

We have to say the web is a plethora of useless, yet interesting information. One seemly abundant source of such information is Hot Chick's with Douche bags. Go figure, you'd think they'd have noble peace price content there huh?

Wait, how is this tied to MMA you're asking...

Well no official picture yet...but guess what website the latest pic of Tim Silvia and Patrycja Mikula is most likely to end up on?

We all know who Silvia is, he's in line to have his face rearragned by Fedor Emelinnko on July,19 Dallas Tx. But who is Patrycja you ask?

Hmm. How about....

Does this ring a bell? ---------------------------------------->Maybe her last boyfriend will help clear the Go figure.

For all those who are in the not know, Tim Silvia (by complete luck) KO'd Arlovski in Early 06 for the UFC heavyweight title, then again defeated the pit bull in a title defense.

Sadly, the pit bull has never been the same...never quite had the same bite. Now we know why. Apparently, she's got a thing for belts. That doesn't explain why she's with Tim Silva, but....

This is just uncalled for...

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Monday, June 16, 2008

MMA Live: MMA's SportCenter

Espn carves out a very decent half hour of MMA "SportsCenter" in MMA LIVE.
Solid work done yet again behind a mike for Kenny Florian, you are slowly gaining a fanbase. Now, if only they'd like'm in the cage...We'll see if he can woo the crowd in his toe to toe showdown with Roger Huerta.

In the meantime, a very sharp and insightful Kenny who displayed his poise for the first time @ Ufc 84, now can be caught Thursday's at 6pm...

We've got the last couple of weeks for you below. So far MMA live is on the 4th Webisode and is gaining ground, we'll continue to support here.

Last week....

Thoughts and takeaways*

  • Thiago Alves:A monster in the ring (hard to judge 4lbs over), agreed with Kenny 1 fight til title shot (possibly after Fitch, to close out '08 unless the Bj Penn fight holds water).
  • Expect to see alot more MMA on Network Television, this is going to be a delecate process expect to see the industry finetune it's presence on Mainstream t.v.
  • Referee stoppage. It's part of the game. Nba has badly officiated games *see game #2 Los Angeles vs Boston Celtics June '08. It's part of the sport, most sports do have the use of instant for thought.
  • If your ear has a zipcode...Drain it. If people scream "Supersized!" when they look at your ear....drain it. If you continually hear the sloshing of water...DRAIN YOUR EAR!
  • Fitch's gameplan to beat GSP, drug his food...

The week before last week....

A few takeaways*
  • CBS has a HUGE showing over $6 MILL, but production was sub-par good for mma, just not Great...No Tony the Tiger awards...
  • Lawler vs Smith agreed, was the fight of the night followed by Gina C. and Karen Y., love that our boy Franklin disliked the booing of the fans. Welcome to the Us, where our fanbase just had it's 1st televised event...if you want a cultured MMA crowd watch Pride/Dream the asian community not only respects the art of bouts, but they actually understand the fundamentals of great ground work. Stop watching CBS and start watching the MMA events with names you can't pronounces *wink
  • Uriah Faber is almost unstoppable, but fighting Floyd Mayweather...just isn't feasable. Boxer vs MMArtist just isn't fair is a knife in a gun fight. One side has 2 weapons while the other works with 8 (striking weapons) + the ability to go to the ground. So how about a boxing bout, while great stand up against Jens...Boxing Mayweather is even dumber than Anderson Silva Challenging Roy Jones. At least Roy Jones is retired. So Urijah We love you, but you get the Gary Coleman Award on that one.
  • *sigh* Tito. Thanks for spending just enough time on this story. Ortiz. The fact that the piece was over before you could finish his name was brilliant.
  • Hughes:(On the Alves fight) Easier said than done. Huh? (On another GSP fight) I want another Gsp fight on the same card as Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin VII, Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell XII, and the same night Chuck will take on Rampage in IIVX.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

UFC 85 Post-Fight Interviews

Straight from the horses mouth(s).

Enough Said.

Matt Hughes and Thiago Alves

Michael Bisbing On Win of Day

The Rest of the Pack: Swick, Marquadt, and Burns on their fights

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

UFC 85 Bedlum: Full Video

It's been a little hectic. In and out, here and there.

With all the hussle and bussle it's been a little quiet here, but worry not you were still in the thoughts. By now you've already heard what a stellar weekend of fights they had at UFC 85. Great showings by Mike Swick, Michael Bisbing, and Thiago Alves.

While most of the controversy revolved around the officiating and calls, all in all it was great production with constant action and a great flow to the event. Plenty of fights on this one to pass the time, so if you've already watched most the fights in pieces sit down to enjoy a great series. We'll have the Post-thoughts and highlights a bit later...

Right now you should grab that Brewskie, a bowl of chips and salsa...

Part I

Part II

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Espn Debates CBS Weekend Good? 20/20 On MMA Bandwagon.

Big Big BIG Weekend for MMA.  And even more surprising about it, all UFC had to show for it was an Ultimate Knockouts ft. the Iceman.  No wonder, front man Dana White has a few things to say about this weekend.

If you saw Elite Xc 3 out of 5 fights where worthy, Gina and Young stole the show followed closely by the Lawler/Smith No Contest.  On Espn they talk the turn of MMA and  Television.

Dana being the salesman he is spins all the other current sports, but in actuality if boxing/wrestling can be shown mma is marketable.

Wether or not what CBS showed the world on Sat was positive for MMA or negative. It's been said before, there is no such thing as bad press. Let's hope. It wasn't ground-breaking, but it was an eventful night. Was it successful? Thanks to
Here’s what we do know:

The 18-49 year old demographic showed a strong increase in viewers over the first two hours of the broadcast. The first half hour showed 1.4 million viewers, which increased to 2.4 between 10:30 and 11:00 p.m. ET.

While most of us were glued CBS w/ picture in picture on Spike Saturday Night, Abc actually is rounding the corner.
20/20 Special Delivery.

Mixed Martial Arts = The Devil?
Or is this just a NEW threat on the horizon we must paint as evil?

77 deaths as of baseball, 25000 cheerleaders with trips to the hospitals, and 0 deaths and no more injuries than boxing...

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Too much MMA this weekend? What to Watch...

Good weekend for MMA, beautiful part is everything listed here is free...
Here's what to look for...

Friday Night: Head over to Spike (ole' faithful) @ 9pm UFC Fight Night
Then directly after @ 11 Stick around for UFC Unleashed

Saturday Night: It's a doozy. Spike kicks off an Ultimate Fighter Marathon @ 12pmEst
Following the back back episodes we roll right into Ultimate Knockouts 4 @ 9pmEst
Same time Different Network: CBS 9pmEst Elite Xc Premier W/Kimbo + Robbie Lawler.
Back over on Spiketv @10pmEst Iceman Special
Followed by Liddel vs Silva @ 11pm Est

Not to mention-
UFC Wired check listings here. Happens to be on at 10pmEt in these parts, don't miss any of it. And if you haven't already, invest in a Tivo.

Sunday Night: What? You thought we were done?
Wec 34: Urijah Faber vs Jens Pulver Biggest night for Zuffa's red headed stepchild to date, and it's worth parking on the couch. Check them out on the VS network, listings here.

Whew. Just in time for Monday the Funday. Cheers, guys enjoy the weekend.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Old Tito vs Wanderlei Fight Video

Have you ever wished you could control time?

Maybe when you're bored, sneak out back to take the Delorian for a joy ride?

Well, we do. And we did this morning, brought back a little souvenir. Isn't there a saying about history? Has a way of repeating....repeating itself.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane. And a glimpse of what may be to come.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rear Naked Video Lessons : Oldest Choke in the Book

One of the most widely used finisher in all of MMA.

A part of the the BJJ arsenal, the rear naked is the quinatasential "Bear Hug" around the neck. It's a crowd pleaser, and a fighter pleaser as well.

Nothing beats feeling like you are about to pop you're aggressor head off.

Take notes.

For a little Bill Nye Action, we look to Fight Science for an inside track.

The Takeaway -
*Notice this is not to (cut off air supply), but to stop the flow of blood to the brain. Much more effective. So notice wear the pressure points, on either side of the trachea.

Here is a great step by step.

*Great points on where to place your hands while "not choking" , where to hold onto your opponent - 'scapula'

*Where to grab ,and how to secure a tighter position with your hands...

*How to apply pressure in the choke.

Looks easy. I know. But is it really?
The placement of the hands, and the choke are the toughest. Avoiding the instinct to arm squeeze or hold the head are habits you have to break...but... if you don't believe its as easy as 1,2,3

And what video series is complete without a hot girl?

Yes. We can find a way to work one in. Try this on for size.

Joanna over at the lovely being choked out. What a champ.

MMA Girls Joanne Is Choked Unconscious

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post 84 Conference Videos and Dana White Quotes

For starters, we clap too after Dana's opening comments, hinting that he is considering the possibility of BJ vs II...
You do not clap alone ...

A Few Notables on Part I

, what did you expect? Tito vs Dana/UFC had just as much marketing/pr as Tito vs Machida. So that means one of there in tonight's questions are for little ole you. Enjoy.

, for the recored you are the man. Just keep winning.
Dana loves you, the crowd loves you, we love you.
But 2 out of 3 are when you're winning, guess who's loyal.

Bj, is becoming somewhat humble in his honesty. His perspective on pre/during fight is great on what he knew, and needed to do. We expect to see him sitting on the "W" side, that's the belt side of the conference for many more of these.

After a spot on predicition, we found there are 2 types of fans Machida, Mainstream (Casual, "AFC" aka Avg. F*cking Chump) and Hardcore (extended knowledge/fighters). The AFC base pays to see blood and guts with a little tragedy and triumph. Of course, there is no tragedy or triumph with a good amount of blood and guts. They pay to see great fights...Hence this would fall in to the category of Entertainment. Then there is your hardcore, who pay to see the great fighters. We honor the technique, the sacrifice, the talent, but more so the work. We want to see them all come together. And most of we watch this as a fight, not entertainment.

So for you Machida, the waters will always be divided...between those who appreciate the real world application of your style, and those who just want to see someone's face pounded into the matt. We beg you, pay no mind to these heathens. You have to make it do what it do baby...

And the closing question..."Respect is a two way street, [Tito just danced around the possibility of a great match up]...Silva, Would you fight Tito? [Please? If you haven't noticed America just loves to watch Ortiz get his ass handed to him]"

To Be Continued....

Part II

Notables on Part II

Wandi's answer...Classic. "Eh, we will see. [Tito needs to get his mouth and his shit straight first]You know, where he will end up. I am a UFC fighter." *pause for round of applause*

And we had enough goodies from part I, we decided to end it with another classic.

"So Dana, word around town is Wandi's totaled $150k tonight for the win, but Jardine hitchhiked home with $10 grand. Does that seem right to you?"

Dana chuckles out a "No" the room hushes as a 16 ft show horse trots in on que. Dana opens his coat, and pulls a ladder out of his inside pocket. He gives everyone a quick index finger," Gimme just a sec" as he climbs on...he settles in and says...

"Do you think that's right?"

"Well then, [Dana] Why is it happening? [Aren't you the voice of the company?]"

"[Hey, Mr. You think you have the whole story.] Things aren't always what they seem..."

"Could you clarify?"

"No. And I will never tell you."

Wow. Seriously.
I love a good session with Dana White don't you?

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Did you miss Ufc 84: Ill Will?

So after this weekend's fights ended, we all sat back, put our hands to our heads and sighed...


What a night of fights, if you missed it we're going to rub you nose in it now. Jeez...

The card boasted a tough line up and they delivered...

Ok, We lied. This is not a break down post, or a post fight article. This is for all of you who are broke, who didn't pay attention to the date, who are married (enough said) and had to pay the piper, those who just don't know any better...look no further. We did your work for you, or as much as we could. Not like we could watch it for you right?

Yes kids, Ufc 84 Ill will is here. Enjoy.

Part I

Online Videos by

Part II

Online Videos by

Part III

Online Videos by

Part IV

Online Videos by

Part V

Online Videos by

Part VI

Online Videos by

Part VII

Online Videos by


Online Videos by

Part IX

Online Videos by

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Friday, May 23, 2008

This Week: Jon Fitch Title Shot, Lesnar Waits, Wandie Needs Win

Weekend wrap up. Here's what happened this week in MMA.

It's Official, Jon Fitch gets what he wants as of yesterday. On August 9th, he will face George St. Pierre for the Welterweight Title.

After very impressive road at (17-2) Jon with an amazing wrestling pedigree is a product of American Kickbox Academy. He knocks at GSP's door toting 15 consecutive wins.

Still. Just can't shake the feeling that this match is strictly a formality.

Sorry, Jon. You are loved, just....out-matched. Next.

Most of us although painful, had to laugh at the rollercoaster of a life the Chuck Liddell vs Shogun bout turned into. First Chuckie and Shogun, then no Shogun... Then we were set up for Chuckie vs Rashad E. (puke)... Once again the Fight Fairy said no, and Chuckie was out with a hammie pull. So in comes James Irvin to dance with Evans, until... The curse continues... Evans mysteriously breaks his foot. So we wait for yet another cast change in Luis Cane, and finally the UFC flies into our rescue. Suffer no more, we're canning it altogether. Thank you.

Well, looks like the curse may not have been lifted just yet. Brock Lesnar debuted this year against a game Frank Mir. Lesnar lost the opening bout but was set to fight Mark Coleman at 87. After suffering a knee injury during practice, it's concluded Coleman will not be able to be in fight condition...he's out. Waiting for the B string to step in, and sadly. We've been here before, please keep all legs and arms inside the car at all times, buckle all safety harness' and enjoy the roller coaster.

Dana goes on record, "Wanderlie needs a win."

We'll agree with Capt. Obvious, but coming from the bald headed beauty those words carry a little more weight. Those of us who love the Ax Murderer know he hasn't been himself as of late, and saw this next fight an "ALL IN" situation.

He had plenty to's a snip.

Wanderlei has lost three in a row,” White said. “This guy has to win some fights here to stay in the UFC and stay at the top of the 205-pound division.”

“He’s one of these unique fighters who people just love to watch fight because of his mentality on fighting,” White said. “Obviously, though, [he] has to get a win.”

And lastly. Predictions.
Courtesy of our girls at

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

WEC Countdown: Is Faber ready for Pulver?

The WEC prepares for it's night in the lights. May 26th will be the crowning night of yet for the smaller sister of the UFC. Mainly because of 1 fight. One of the current, fastest up and commers Urijah Faber who has been reigning of the Wec for the last 3 yrs will, face the UFC's very first lightweight Champion in Jenz Pulver.

The big question- is Faber ready for the next level?

We've done a little digging to bring you a view video specimens to set the stage for the battle royale. As much as we've enjoyed the last few months of Urijah imprinting his knees, fists, or whatever was available into the face his competition, but there come's a time when we the fans want to "see" (as in actually watch you fight some as good as you) a challenge. There also comes a time when you realize, there is always someone better than you. As much as we love Faber for all of his quick wits in the ring, the surfer hair,'rock on' hand signs, and the refusal to appear over the age of 16...we just don't know if he Urijah's ready for the trial he's about be put through.

And here's why. Buckle up, it's a good fight.

Yes I know. Pulver lost.
But, a few things to note during this fight.

When Gomi is unable to go to the ground he stands. In this fight Pulver is the smaller man, giving away 2-3 inches in height/reach. As well as a couple pounds, with size comes power. What Gomi gives away in technique, he makes up for in power. All those exchanges take a toll, even though Pulver is more crisp-Gomi still hurts...eventually the knockout.

Faber will not have the luxury of size, he will the smaller of the two as well as the less technical in the striking game. Aside from conditioning Fabers biggest asset is his speed and pace. If the ground game is nullified by Pulver, then what options does Faber have against a stronger, more experienced, more accurate striker? He is the question, if this comes out to a flat out war. Little Evil has proven the dirtier, grittier, and more brawler like the fight the better. Is this the moment Urijah jumps from good to great?

Training Camp Details. Little sneak peak into both camps.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

UFC 84 Ill Will Fight Card

It's that time again. Seems like just yesterday we were debating Fluke or Fake to decide the fate of the Serra/GSP Fiasco.

With hindsight being so disgustingly clear at 20/20, 1080I, or 65 inches (choose your poision) we all saw it was easily not the time and place for Serra.

While that battle presented its own platform for a story, this new feud comes surrounded controversy.

Lines have been drawn, Words have been said...Apparently, no drugs have been taken.

If you're bored with the main card between BJ Penn and Sherk, I'm sure with W.Silva, T.Ortiz, K.Jardin, R. Clementi you can find someone to watch.


B.J. Penn (c) vs. Sean Sherk (Lightweight title)

Keith Jardine vs. Wanderlei Silva

Wilson Gouveia vs. Goran Reljic

Lyoto Machida vs. Tito Ortiz

Thiago Silva vs. Antonio Mendes


Rousimar Palhares vs. Ivan Salaverry

Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

Rich Clementi vs. Terry Etim

John Koppenhaver vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Dong-Hyun Kim vs. Jason Tan

Shane Carwin vs. Christian Wellisch

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Lyoto Machida: Eye On the Dragon

Rather under-noticed, and under appreciated we are gearing up to see a potential upset this weekend...

While most of the eyes, and ears considering we can't shut him up, will be on Tito this weekend. At least, while Jenna not around anyway. But this does mark the end of an era. Yes, we did give Tito the credit on this one by using the word "Era". A quick romp down memory lane if you will. courtesy of Dave Meltzer over at Yahoo! Sports-

“Ortiz has had more fights (21) in the Octagon than any man in history. He was the longest-reigning champion in company history, a three-and-a-half year run as light heavyweight champion from 2000-03. And the Huntington Beach, Calif., native headlined the company’s two most successful pay-per-view events in matches with Ken Shamrock (770,000 buys) and Chuck Liddell (1.05 million), and the company’s highest rated television special (3.1), in a third match with Shamrock.”
The numbers, are good.

This weekend is the 22nd of 22 fights in the UFC for he Bad Boy, while he is 15 and 5. Machida comes at 13 and 0, with 8 being UFCers. And we ain't talking your AFC (Aver. F*cking Chump), the list totes Stephen Bonner, B.J. Penn, Vernon White, Sokoudjou, and Rich Franklin. Really, Ace? What a coincidence. The Dragon Machida just happens to come from Black House, home of another Ass Kicking Brazillia, The Spyder.

Machida is unorthodox fighter, who has surprising strength and speed in the stand up. Easily had knock-out power, but his real forte is timing....He presents quite a few challenges for the Bad Boy, and we aren't so sure that the biggest thing about Tito right now isn't just his head. Machida will close in the the third round, or it'll be to the judges cards...

Here are a few moments to consider for the Dragon.

1st up Stephen Bonner

Ace just has a soft spot for Brazillian's...

The lastest tangle with Sokoudjou...

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Muay Thai Foundation: The Clinch

This weekend presented some very interesting conversations. In the company of 'self proclaimed' MMA fanatics a curious topic arose.

Why do guys always just hug each other? They look like they want to dry hump each other on the cage, rather than fight. What is that all about?


Yeah it is kind of gay how that hold one another. And whisper sweet nothings into there opponents ears, as the sweat in front of millions of fans. These statements are a crystal clear view into how much you really know about fighting. So we decided to clear up the homographic nature of the MMA community for the 'fanatics'.

So why chest bump. The correct name is the Clinch.

Arguably the most effective weapon in the Muay Thai arsenal is unquestionably the most overlooked.

So instead of the scientific break down on how to pull this off. Catch the video first.

Things to keep in mind.
*Watch your fingers!
*Think Leverage not strength
*Grab Head, not neck

So what are the take aways?
1) Control the Head, you control the body.
If you are wondering where that is, grab the back your neck with your right hand. (Your index finger should be where your neck meets your torso, pinky finger where your neck meets base of your skull) You want to grab your opponent where your pinky fingers are or higher.
The avg. head ways eight pounds, which is actually alot of weight for a muscle as weak as the neck. Any pressure above the base of the neck is multiplied by the leverage and the neck just cannot copensate for weight above 12-20lbs. In short. grab the right spot.

2) If you like using your fingers, don't cross them.
Biggest mistake. Just don't do it. Fingers that are locked are asking to be broken. That easy. Simply clasp your fists.

3) Leverage is more powerful, than strength.
If you grasp them correctly, you will have you elbows near the collar bone. Keep your hips away, this allows you to do two things at once.

You automatically apply pressure and begin to control the person body weight and movement, secondly you give yourself the ability to set up or avoid strikes. Hips back means you can move, knee, push, pull all without having to set yourself or fight the opponent.

Chuck does well with this last point. Take notes.

Everything we learned, in motion watch Ufc 64 Franklin vs Silva. When we can locate a live link, we'll post.

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Espn's Pound for Pound Video Rankings

While for pound rankings are always opinion-based, we lightly stand behind the words of Sherdog.

At least til you get to the top 3. A little reshuffle is in order but all in all, they are pretty dog gone close.

We have small dispute for the top 3 spots.

3rd - Quinton Rampage Jackson - King of the Light Heavy's. Recent Claim to Fame: Hasn't been beatin in the UFC yet. Notable wins over Henderson and Liddell. Why isn't he higher? One word - Inactivity. Last fight was almost a year ago, things change pretty quick around here now adays, got to be fighting to be the best.

2nd - Anderson Silvia - The Ultimate Striker. Recent Claim to Fame: Same as Jackson, just a little more impressive. Yet to be beatin in (6 fights) the UFC yet. Not only did he win, but he dismantled the competition. Not one fight has been past the 2nd half of the 2nd round. Why isn't he higher? Today isn't tomorrow. The only place Anderson could be on this list, if not first is tied for it. Or about to be crowned 1st again.

1st - GSP. The total package. Recent Claim to Fame: Demolition of a champion. It as one sided a fight one could have, reclaiming a title. But the reason GSP is a chart topper are for a couple of reasons. GSP is probably the best in every facet of the game, minus striking vs Anderson...or wrestling a Rampage. A+'s across the board. The one difference between this guy and our other top 5 is. They all have area's of expertise, but GSP has and can win from any of them....

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wec 34 Fight Card Released

The lastest release from Zuffa regarding Upcomming WEC 34.

    The card is as follows...

    Main Card
  • Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver (WEC Featherweight Title)
  • Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda (WEC Bantamweight Title)
  • “Razor” Rob McCullough vs. Kenneth Alexander
  • Mark Munoz vs. Chuck Grisby
  • Undercard

  • Chase Beebe vs. Will Ribiero
  • Richard Crunkilton vs. Donald Cerrone
  • Jeff Curran vs. Mike Brown
  • Tim McKenzie vs. Eric Schambari
  • Alex Serdyukov vs. Luis Sapo
  • Alexandre Noguiera vs. Jose Aldo
  • Charlie Valencia vs. Dominick Cruz

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Royce Gracie: Brazillian Ju Jitsu's Ambassador

The Day MMA Changed.
If you consider yourself a fan of MMA, but by some catastrophical mishap you don't know who Royce Gracie is...

We're just going to put you fanhood on pause for a moment. Til we get up to speed.

A quick trip, before memory lane.
Royce Gracie was the son of the famed Helio Gracie (the father/creator of today's Brazilian Ju Jitsu.) Born in Rio De Janeiro, Royce began practicing BJJ as a toddler. Yes, while most of us were busy mowing bubbles with our walker/big kid lawn mower, Royce was toying with an armbar. He began to participate in competitions by age 8, and at age 9 was asked to teach Jiu Jitsu in California to Americans despite his not knowing English. By 18 he was awarded his black belt. By now he had competed in the US and Brazil quite a bit, toting a record of 51-3.

Now that your know a little on where he came from let's take a look at what he did.

MMA Then and Now.

At this point MMA was still budding. It existed, but far from mainstream. Many of the fights consisted of brawlers, boxers, and strikers. The idea of fighting was still centered around a person's ability to effectively out strike the other. This took into account a person's pedigree, conditioning, skill level, and most importantly size.

Up until this point...

  • The bigger guy always won.
  • The bigger guy always won.
  • Fights rarely went to the ground.
  • The bigger guys always won.
  • Martial Arts as a sport were semi one-sided *similar to traditional boxing (but without the fanbase)
What Royce was able to effectively do was add another element. It's the equivalent of George Mikan and Dr. J did for basketball by adding the Slam Dunk. The sport before him was viewed one way, and after him has budded into an art form that must be mastered less you be 'tapped out'. His efforts made ground game a must, and here's where it starts.

Royce enters the Ultimate Fighter, which has no weight restrictions. Considering Royce weighs 160lbs at the moment, all of his contenders are easily bigger than he. They all look like deer in headlights after the first 2 minutes.

Here are clips from UFC 1 & 2

Cheers to you Royce.

[fanhood unpaused]

Welcome back.

Now that you're in the know. It's fun to watch those who just don't believe in the power of BJJ.

Learn him good Royce. Learn him good.
MMA: Royce Gracie vs. Jason DeLucia 1 (@ Gracie Academy)

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Morning MMA Motivation

According to the calender, it's Monday again.
Most of us are in the need of a little motivation.

So we went looking for some great videos, to get the creative juices flowing.

The first piece of advice. Don't slack.
(There is always someone faster, hungrier, and younger than you.)

His Good - Awesome video clips here

Secondly, pretend you're a Shaolin Monk.
Don't underestimate yourself.
People in China are doing handstands on there fingertips...

And lastly.
Seek proper training, enough said.

This week, watch for those pesky double leg take downs...

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Friday, April 25, 2008

This Week in the Cage: No Chuck, No Love, and a Pair of Foreign Guys

Bad Luck Chuck.
It's been an interesting (to say in the least) year for , all out side the cage too. It seems that his career at the moment is destined to be riddled with circumstantial bruises. Hardcore MMA followers across the states scrambled for a pair of 'Depends' following the announcement of vs Chuck at . It was a fight that had fireworks all over it. Legend vs Prodigy. A match-up from heaven, only to live a week. Shogun out with knee injury. Now we were all glad we we're wearing diapers, I shit myself hearing the replacement for Shogun was who? None other than , who's unbeaten record looks impressive on paper, but with 7 of the last 11 victories coming from judges. Calling Evans a 'finisher' is a bit of a stretch. So the fight lost serious clout, now is more a stocking stuffer than headline. If that weren't it, latest word is now The Iceman, after suffering an extensive hamstring pull is forced to pull out as well. The Fighting Gods have been so unkind.

But, there is always a silver-lining.

-Chuck is already in a verbal pissing match with a potential dream fight, . Enough has been said to have both sides seeking proper steps to set up a possible bout. Providing Kimbo's Prime Time Slice with CBS does well in May, this could almost make up for not seeing Shogun and Liddell in the first place.

-, proven banger has stepped up to fill the spot for Chuck. Irvin has been known to dismantle people, ask Marcus Houston or Terry Martin. At least one person in this fight will be looking to end it.

"No Rest for No Love"

Following an impressive win at over K-1 Veteran Sam Stout at , Welterweight ops for no downtime. The three war in Montreal was taken after a decision, Clementi left one battle to prepare for the next. Scheduled for the upcoming UFC 84, Clementi is set to toe off with a UK star of Terry Etim in Las Vegas come this May 24th. With recent wins over Melvin Guillard, Anthony Johnson, and now Sam, Rich seems to have found a stride. Great on the ground, and hands to show we're secretly hoping Mac Danzig and Clementi cross paths in the center of the octagon.

Cro Cop Next Stop
Dream 4 has officially declared the next showing of Cro Cop. Today Dream announced that Mirko and Jerome LeBanner (an explosive striker) will be meeting each other June 16th in Tokyo. Lebanner is 3-1-1, hardly enough to strike fear in the Croatian.

Fighting with Fedor.

Yes we mean M-1, but not quite what you may think. Yes, the same M-1 that supposedly contracted , up until they realized he'd never signed any contracts. "Oh yeah, that formality." The same company has released a statement of a new reality show in the works for the Russian, titled: Fighting with Fedor. The (Ultimate Fighter Knock Off) show will feature 16 fighters who are all competing (twist) to fight Fedor.

Heavyweights will pummel each other, to in hopes of finding the one among them worthy enough to get KO'd by one of the most all-time winning MMA fighters to date.
(FYI, Fedor now sits at 28-1-1.)

Just makes it hard calling the winner of that show, a 'winner'.

Zuffa Companies Unite
And lastly UFC and announce future plans. UFC will push for the heavier weight classes, while the WEC will focus on the lower weight classes. @ MMAAnalyst with more clarification.

White says the UFC has no plans to introduce a 145-pound weight class. “That’s why we bought the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting).”

In fact, he said they are going to take steps to make the two circuits more distinct. “We’re going to make the WEC the smaller weights and the UFC will be the heavier weights. We’ll probably take some of the guys in the higher weights, the champions over there and bring them into UFC. We’re still trying to figure that out.”

WEC features 135-(bantamweight) and 145-pound (featherweight) weight classes as well as 155, 170, 185 and 205. The UFC has 155, 170, 185, 205 and heavyweight.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bisping in, McCarthy Out...

A New Beginning?
This weekend marked a new day for Uk favorite at . Fight numero Uno after suffering his first loss on a 14 fight win streak to start off the career. Secondly, it was his debut performance into a well-deserving middleweight class. After this weeks statement, we're thinking we might have found a new contender at 185lbs. By contender we do mean exciting to watch until you dance with the devil, er um Anderson. Despite his heavy following around the globe, Bisping aura had yet to cast its magic this direction. Immediately following his entry to the ring, fans and those less impressed finally had identical thoughts.

"Wow. The Count looks preetty ripped."

On to the Show...
It's a muscle definition we've never seen from the likes of Michael. He appears focused, balanced, and surprisingly mildy intimidating. Neither or Bisping held their words prior to the fight, and the initial 1st minute the tension is visible. McCarthy easily the wilder puncher, showing how much he's putting into his swings. After, McCarthy secures the first take-down the fight begins to show true.

After attempting a few submissions from his back, The Count methodically works his way to his feet. Here where the diffrence in weight becomes evident. Bisping begins to put combinations together that flow seamlessly. He's fluid, he's accurate, and he's freaking quick. Transitions are excellent from strikes to clinch, knees, elbows all barrage and connect. This may be a beautiful find for Bisping, normally walking around at a 190lbs the extra weight is obviously not missed. Bisping has always been a cardio freak, the only question left is.

What a bout the power?
Yes, it was concluded in just A round.
Yes, McCarthy was unable to continue.
But, how long was he being brutalized? Even Matt Serra ended a fight in less time.

What's the take away?
Once he starts to connect Bisping's elegance lacks the sting to close the show. And while he looks good, efficient, and precise these are the things that separate the Men from the GODS. And at this point, when his road does cross the path of Zues. We're wondering if the end will be any different than anyone else "smart" enough to stay in the Middleweight Division.

On a lighter note, what better way to make a debut than to actually retire your competition. Following the performance, McCarthy released an official statement thanks to MMAweekly:
I would like to announce my formal retirement from Mixed Martial Arts competition,” said McCarthy in a prepared statement. “I have achieved many of the goals I set out to accomplish in this sport and found others just out of reach. It is now time for me to lay down my gloves and rededicate my attention towards my business, my fighters, my family and my team.
“The successes I have found in my career are due in large part to all the great people who have helped me along the way. Being involved with the true champions at American Top Team has guided me to become a better father, husband, teacher and friend. Without the great generosity of ATT my life would have had a void. I hope that everyone reading (this) can one day feel the love of a great family as I have.”
“My goal in my career was always to be the best, and you know it just didn’t work out this time. I’m okay with that. I kind of hit the whole glass ceiling in my career and I don’t feel like dwindling on past my usefulness.”
While he now retires from fighting, McCarthy will still be a major player in mixed martial arts, training and teaching new fighters at his BocaMMA facility (an American Top Team affiliate), along with friend and trainer Cole Miller. “I have a gym full of guys that need my attention, so I plan on giving them as much of that as they can possibly handle,” he stated. “I think out of everything that’s what I enjoy doing the most and I’d like to be able to focus my attention on that.”
“Thank you to all who have supported Mixed Martial Arts. You have helped me live out a childhood dream of being a professional athlete. I am proud to say that in some small way I helped to grow our great sport and entertain fans across the world. Some of the best friends I have made throughout my career I met on the other side of the cage. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to compete with them and entertain the fans.”

Cheers to you Chainsaw.

We hardly knew thee.
[fade to black]

Enjoy the new and improved Count Bisping.

[que ]

*be patient, there is a slight delay after clicking play...

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Title Fight: Zuffa Vs. Couture, Undercard: Nogueira vs. Barnett

It was a sad day in California.

We were rooting for you , but looks like his day just got a little longer.

And a little blood bout down memory lane.
vs. . This kinda how we see Randy's up coming court case.


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Monday, March 24, 2008

Jenna Does Dana...

It looks like *coughed* comments and giggle* giggle* shoulder-brush, wasn't loud enough for Jennito. The quieter side piped up over the weekend voicing much disgust and disapprovment for, wait who was that? Oh, . Well Former-Porn Goddess/Actress(??)/Author refused to get in the long line of anti-Dana fanatics. She decided to shimmy* to the head of the line and sprinkled her little two cents. With a cherry on top via her myspace blog.

The blonde ambition waste no time getting to the meat of the topic-

I usually don’t comment on nastiness in the press, but I couldn’t ignore Dana Whites’ ramblings any longer. His latest interview referring to Tito as a "moron" for the hundredth time... will not go unnoticed.

so here goes...

Dana White - Pre Pubesent Schoolyard Bully
By Jenna Jameson
Dana White’s insistance of my lack of brain power smacks of 18th century
beliefs that women (all women) are inferior to the male species.
Ignoring a persons achievements or simply their IQ due to the fact they
have a vagina instead of a penis, explains Danas simplicity.

She continues in a measurable fashion to chisel and chop and at the adolescent psyche of the president. It's not must-see tv, but for some reason you just can't turn away.

In my experience anyone
that reverts to this type of defense is simply insecure about
themselves, and tend to try to shift the glaring light of truth away
from his profane grammatically incorrect rantings. The most interesting
story here, is the silence by the UFC. How do they sit back, silent, and
allow their "figure head" to endanger the worth of their empire?

Was a figure head JJ. We love Tito. Or lets be honest, SOME liked . But Tito ain't no , Tito ain't no , and Tito Damn sure ain't no ...but go on.

When are the Fertitas going to step to the plate and put a sock in Dana’s hate spewing mouth? It seems to be depreciating their
companies worth with every syllable. It is plainly obvious that it isn’t
just a coincidence that so many champions have chosen to test the waters
beyond the UFC trainwreck. Their defection to greener pastures is no
longer just a money issue, but more of a continued lack of disrespect on
Dana’s part.

True. True.

In closing, maybe the UFC should mandate steroid
testing to company presidents, then maybe the company could continue its
massive dominance... with a soft hand.

and that’s all I have to say about that...

Well. That's a bit more then you had to say to the ...

But we'll admit, talking or not, we've always liked your um distinct...point of view.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Video Lesson #3 - Clinch Defense

Well it's Friday, and there are so many things to look forward to. Paychecks, weekend fights, bars, sleep...the list goes on and on.

But there's one thing we know you're looking for.

We thought about teasing you, but we're not looking for any violence. So here.

Eat up. Enjoy. Act like your listening.

This week we get a in Clinch Defense. Can someone get on the phone?

If you've got to pretend like you're learning something, fighting is a part of the striking game. Clinching is the act of wrapping ones arms or forearms around an opponents head or body. Usually utilized to eliminate space to diffuse punches or kicks, or use of weapons. It has been now used as a method of attack in and of itself. Common uses, to set up or diffuse a take down, to control body movement, to center opponent for low kicks and knee strikes. Prime example, other than the Striking God himself - Anderson Silva.

End Transmission-

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UFC 83 Breakdown/ ShoXc Fight Card

Heads up. Fighting just around the corner. Coming up next month, a huge weekend in the MMA world, aside from the obvious Title Fight the entire night is peppered with Ultimate Fighter Alumni. It should be a great opportunity to see if the talent from the show can stack up against real-world fighters. One fight to put some note on even though it's in the prelim's, do yourself a favor and catch the Stout/Cleminti fight.

is a World-Class Striker from TKO, exceptional Muay-Thai, and knock out power. He's versatile on his feet and if not taken seriously can turn this into a 1 round bout. If there was a whole or chink in the armor, capitalized on it. The ground. While he is improving, the ground is dry land for this tiger shark. Unfortunately has shown how comfortable he down low. 5 of his last 10 wins come by submission, including heavy banger Melvin Guilliard. While we don't put Melvin and Stout in the same class technically, they do bear the same weakness. Keep and eye on this fight should be a crowd pleaser.

And of course the primed match up of and .

This will be interesting, main reason is Matt Serra is still a wild card. He is in the exact same postion as he was in the first fight. Back against the wall, underdog, nothing (but the title) to lose. In most cases people aren't really giving it to him anyway so for him, he needs to walk out do the exact same thing. Go for broke. Nothing will matter until the bell sounds and he should do what he does, fight. He showed he does have stand up skills, and should it go to the ground all the better...his bread and butter. I'm sure he's been training his ass off concentrating on better hands skills, but his defense looked great and his poise was even better against a World-Renowned Striker. On the other side, he does realize GSP is the elite in every category. Gsp has never been beaten twice, nor does he make the same mistake twice. What Gsp will look to do is, very simple go out and dominate. Every match Gsp has won he usually took the fight to the other. Matt Hughes simple strikes, then to the ground- case and point for Koscheck. These are both fighters that prefer the ground, it matters not to Rush. His training is BAR NONE, he boxes professional boxers, he wrestles Olympic wrestlers, he grapples with abudu dhabi specialists...and holds numerous belts in traditional styles. On paper this guy is incredible, in the's just a matter of where his head is at. And sadly for Matt Serra the one thing that seems to motivate this kid, is defeat. And tasting it from the same hands is very, very unlikely. Good luck Matt.

Main Card:

  • Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre** UFC Welterweight Championship
  • Travis Lutter vs. Rich Franklin**
  • Nate Quarry** vs. Kalib Starnes
  • Charles McCarthy vs. Michael Bisping**
  • Mark Bocek vs. Mac Danzig**

Preliminary Bouts:

  • Joe Doerksen vs. Jason MacDonald
  • Jason Day vs. Alan Belcher
  • Ed Herman vs. Demian Maia
  • Rich Clementi vs. Sam Stout
  • Brad Morris vs. Cain Velasquez
  • Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Jonathan Goulet

**Indicates predicted winner

Don't for get to tune in-
is on Tom Night @ 11pm Et

  • Televised Main Event: 155lbs: Malaipet vs. Thomas “Wildman” Denny
  • 205 lbs: Jaime Fletcher vs. Aaron Rosa
  • Marlon Mathias vs. Conor Heun
  • Heavyweight: Shane del Rosario vs. Analu Brash
  • 135 lbs: Chris Cariaso vs. Mark Oshiro

  • 160 lbs: Vince Guzman vs. Lyle Beerbohm
  • 170 lbs: Devin Howard vs. Mark Kempthorne
  • Heavyweight: Brandon Tarn vs. Jason Williams
  • 170 lbs: Eric Jones vs. Steve Gable
  • 170 lbs: Kenny “The Poet’’ Johnson vs. Michael Penafiel

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Diego Makes Headline at TUF 7 Main Event + TUF 7 Promo Video

Despite a wobbly 2007 with two large scale fights with and falling victim to wayside of the judges. 2008 the stars look promising for . Sherdog reported the Albuquerque native, Mexican American will headline for the Finale. Both fights in 2007 gave way to decision, but considering his present company there is no reason to hang his head. Both were top-notch welter championship contenders that depending on the night might have falling prey to the same fate as Diego.

At UFC 82 Diego rekindled the flame with an impressive win over David Bielkheden. The Diego of old was reborn, igniting his 18-2 record again. His opponent for the match has not been officially announced but sources are pointing to an unlikely pick in Luigi Fioravanti who also won at UFC 82. Luigi is known to be a banger with lead fists, the match-up is leaning to be a battle tipped in Diego's favor. Once on the ground, he becomes overwhelming and can keep pace that few can withstand. Fans and critics alike are noting it would be a perfect time to give light to the feud between he and Josh Koscheck, considering it was at Tuf the first met. Nothing is official, but it looks like a verbal agreement between Diego and Luigi has already taken place...cross your fingers.

In line with TUF, an promo video has been floating around. TUF 7 premiers directly following UFC Fight Night 13, a 3 hour special, on April 2nd. 32 fighters arrive, 16 fighters go right back home...

We snagged it.

Here you go. Begin transmission.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Shogun, Now Spencer Fisher Out of UFC Fight NIght 13

Yet another has fallen...

Earlier this month the highly anticipated bout between Former Light Heavyweight Champion vs. a very well rounded at was sidelined due to a piss-pour timed knee injury on the part of Shogun. This match followed a less than stellar performance by the Brazilian against , in which critics remarked Rua seemed to be in a daze. Well having a knee in several pieces will do that to you. Rua is well known for his stand up skills and against a brawler like Griffin could have taken the fight standing or to the ground where he becomes a master. Stacking up against Chuck was an even more impressive dream where the would get another chance to understand just how accomplished this fighter is. But, someone left the banana peel on the matt. Now we're left with who does wear an 11-0-1 record, obviously he wins fights. Lucky, for us Chuck finishes them, and hopefully early considering the last few Evans bouts fans caught up on some much needed beauty rest.

Now, we face the demise of another fire fight tasting defeat before it could even taste the air. , well known to be a firecracker on his feet, always a scrapper and warrior has been pulled due to a shoulder injury. It pains us to hear consider this was one of the fights that makes the a must see. If you haven't noticed, that's Spencer up top on our banner rearranging Sam Stout's face. He's fun to watch folks.
Spencer's Manager spoke with Sherdog Earlier-

Spencer is the kind of fighter who has fought plenty of fights with injuries and is not the kind of fighter you want to fight at 80 percent," said the native North Carolinian's manager, Monte Cox. "He was willing to fight but we decided it just was not a smart decision

Spencer's replacement against Marcus Aurelio, a veritable anaconda should he get a hold of you, is now . Miller will be making his octagon debut. Yes, his debut. Yet again we expect a porter house and get bacon bits.

We're pouring our liquor for you Spence, we'll leave you guys with a few videos.

First Spence Training in Thailand

2nd Spence with a 1,2

Last, on the ground...

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Monday, March 17, 2008

If You Miss Pride, You'll Love DREAM... Weekend's Video Recap

For those whom are still in morning for the recent passing of one the most elite and stylistic fighting championships, , this weekend I believe our prayers have been answered.

In the states we have come to find there are two types of fans. There are those who love MMA and those who think the IS . While the previous fan is prominent the later is more of what you'll find thanks to the over abundant brainwashi-sorry marketing efforts of Zuffa. Yes, the Ufc is the most successful dollar-wise because of the PPV (pay-per-view) division, Pride was a much more long-standing and crowd supported entity. Since conception in 1997, Pride toted a semblance with it's name in it's choice in fighters, which now reign the UFC (Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson, Minotaro Noguiera) but, also in the knowledge of its fanbase. While broad casted in 40 diffrent countries Pride's largest event in the Tokyo Dome reached 70,000 strong compared to the UFC's infant 22,000. The Eastern culture had more of an understanding for the technical aspects of the martial arts and loved to see combatants reach new levels. It's been said that the UFC, after Dana White breathing life back into it, resembled a fighting championship with (even before Lesner) WWE steroids pumped into it's system. Focusing on the chatter between the fighters before, during, and after the fight as well the most blood on the matt.

If that is how you feel, then we have your answer.

. And this weekend was a list of fights that we have not seen matching caliber, intensity, or technique in quite some time. We're sure you'll agree DREAM is a gem. In between the flashes of blood lust and testosterone craves the UFC is good for, those days you want to see the top shelf performances Pride was known for DREAM has arrived. Take a look at this weekend. It's a showcase of fights that barely makes it out of the first round. Topped off with the return on Cro Cop. Yes, we do mean return.

Begin transmission-


While we're still pondering the somersaults, there is no question about what happens after the double leg take down.


This fight may get off to a slower start, towards the mid-way mark you realize you are watching two scrappers. This is one of the longer fights of the evening, but immediatly following the bout watch the two combatants.


Fireworks, standing up or on the ground. And the early transition from the rear-naked, to the arm-bar, to the triangle choke was poetry in motion. The only thing crazier was Boku survived...


Sakuria = Low Kicks...
Take note, towards the end of the fight count how long the ground and pound lasts...


Like we said, the return. This is how Cro Cop was known, hopefully this the beginning of another run.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Video Lesson #2 - Arm Choke (Arm Triangle Choke)

Here ya go.

Cause you wanted it...

You did.

As if you cared what it was about... Choke brought to you by the .

Begin transmission-

I couldn't have put any better ladies. Thanks.

Gotta love Friday's. Happy Weekend Folks...

In case you really wanted to know - Arm Triangle Choke - A choke hold in which an opponent is choked or strangled between the attackers forearem and his own shoulder. The dynamics are similar to the more commonly used Triangle Choke (utilizing the legs).

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This Week In MMA - Lesner, Rampage, and Pele Oh My!!

This week in Mixed Martial Arts...

Brock Lesner lines up against Mark Coleman. noted- oddly enough the same night her received awards from the paving way into the Hall of Fame, Coleman annouced he'd be matched up against Lesner come this August 9th in . Lesner hopes to begin his climb here by tackling a former UFC Champion...again. Better luck this time Brockie...

moves from buzzword to bigtime, when recently teamed up with those who Just Do It. paired Rampage with and other notable stars to shoot the "Human Chain" commercial this week in LA. This marks the first of many larger mainstream corps to take notice of the formidable rise of . Others who are not far behind: CBS, HBO, Busch, and Bud...

*sigh* "" the first full movie was released. One of the reasons for a three day waiting period for guns. Look for mass amounts of fighters to have committed suicide by Monday morning...

spoke about his and opponent 's suspension last year for using steroids. Mentioning his health status before the fight, basically recovering from an injury he felt the weight of supporting his family, his fans/school, and his opponent forced him to make the only choice. He was apologetic and admitting, opposite his counter part who will apparently die before saying the words I used roids...Cage Potato reports Franco will return this July.

in good spirits announced his return. Recently at broke his shin while performing a leg kick. No words can explain.

-we'll just show you.

He is recovering well and will have a metal bar placed in his right leg. All the better, now he'll feel like robocop putting a low kick to your thigh. If you don't know who Pele google Jose "Pelé" Landi-Jonsis- if you love Silva..Pele is Michael Jordan while Anderson is Kobe Bryant minus the lawsuits...

Other notable topics-

* will take on at .
* Calls out , who follows by calling out ...
* announces 32 fighters will all battle royal for 16 spots on the show...
* Signs on to a UFC knock-off pitting 2 combatants to settle a domestic score inside the ring...
* Vs Jeff Monson on at the

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