Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Diego Makes Headline at TUF 7 Main Event + TUF 7 Promo Video

Despite a wobbly 2007 with two large scale fights with and falling victim to wayside of the judges. 2008 the stars look promising for . Sherdog reported the Albuquerque native, Mexican American will headline for the Finale. Both fights in 2007 gave way to decision, but considering his present company there is no reason to hang his head. Both were top-notch welter championship contenders that depending on the night might have falling prey to the same fate as Diego.

At UFC 82 Diego rekindled the flame with an impressive win over David Bielkheden. The Diego of old was reborn, igniting his 18-2 record again. His opponent for the match has not been officially announced but sources are pointing to an unlikely pick in Luigi Fioravanti who also won at UFC 82. Luigi is known to be a banger with lead fists, the match-up is leaning to be a battle tipped in Diego's favor. Once on the ground, he becomes overwhelming and can keep pace that few can withstand. Fans and critics alike are noting it would be a perfect time to give light to the feud between he and Josh Koscheck, considering it was at Tuf the first met. Nothing is official, but it looks like a verbal agreement between Diego and Luigi has already taken place...cross your fingers.

In line with TUF, an promo video has been floating around. TUF 7 premiers directly following UFC Fight Night 13, a 3 hour special, on April 2nd. 32 fighters arrive, 16 fighters go right back home...

We snagged it.

Here you go. Begin transmission.

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