Friday, March 21, 2008

UFC 83 Breakdown/ ShoXc Fight Card

Heads up. Fighting just around the corner. Coming up next month, a huge weekend in the MMA world, aside from the obvious Title Fight the entire night is peppered with Ultimate Fighter Alumni. It should be a great opportunity to see if the talent from the show can stack up against real-world fighters. One fight to put some note on even though it's in the prelim's, do yourself a favor and catch the Stout/Cleminti fight.

is a World-Class Striker from TKO, exceptional Muay-Thai, and knock out power. He's versatile on his feet and if not taken seriously can turn this into a 1 round bout. If there was a whole or chink in the armor, capitalized on it. The ground. While he is improving, the ground is dry land for this tiger shark. Unfortunately has shown how comfortable he down low. 5 of his last 10 wins come by submission, including heavy banger Melvin Guilliard. While we don't put Melvin and Stout in the same class technically, they do bear the same weakness. Keep and eye on this fight should be a crowd pleaser.

And of course the primed match up of and .

This will be interesting, main reason is Matt Serra is still a wild card. He is in the exact same postion as he was in the first fight. Back against the wall, underdog, nothing (but the title) to lose. In most cases people aren't really giving it to him anyway so for him, he needs to walk out do the exact same thing. Go for broke. Nothing will matter until the bell sounds and he should do what he does, fight. He showed he does have stand up skills, and should it go to the ground all the better...his bread and butter. I'm sure he's been training his ass off concentrating on better hands skills, but his defense looked great and his poise was even better against a World-Renowned Striker. On the other side, he does realize GSP is the elite in every category. Gsp has never been beaten twice, nor does he make the same mistake twice. What Gsp will look to do is, very simple go out and dominate. Every match Gsp has won he usually took the fight to the other. Matt Hughes simple strikes, then to the ground- case and point for Koscheck. These are both fighters that prefer the ground, it matters not to Rush. His training is BAR NONE, he boxes professional boxers, he wrestles Olympic wrestlers, he grapples with abudu dhabi specialists...and holds numerous belts in traditional styles. On paper this guy is incredible, in the's just a matter of where his head is at. And sadly for Matt Serra the one thing that seems to motivate this kid, is defeat. And tasting it from the same hands is very, very unlikely. Good luck Matt.

Main Card:

  • Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre** UFC Welterweight Championship
  • Travis Lutter vs. Rich Franklin**
  • Nate Quarry** vs. Kalib Starnes
  • Charles McCarthy vs. Michael Bisping**
  • Mark Bocek vs. Mac Danzig**

Preliminary Bouts:

  • Joe Doerksen vs. Jason MacDonald
  • Jason Day vs. Alan Belcher
  • Ed Herman vs. Demian Maia
  • Rich Clementi vs. Sam Stout
  • Brad Morris vs. Cain Velasquez
  • Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Jonathan Goulet

**Indicates predicted winner

Don't for get to tune in-
is on Tom Night @ 11pm Et

  • Televised Main Event: 155lbs: Malaipet vs. Thomas “Wildman” Denny
  • 205 lbs: Jaime Fletcher vs. Aaron Rosa
  • Marlon Mathias vs. Conor Heun
  • Heavyweight: Shane del Rosario vs. Analu Brash
  • 135 lbs: Chris Cariaso vs. Mark Oshiro

  • 160 lbs: Vince Guzman vs. Lyle Beerbohm
  • 170 lbs: Devin Howard vs. Mark Kempthorne
  • Heavyweight: Brandon Tarn vs. Jason Williams
  • 170 lbs: Eric Jones vs. Steve Gable
  • 170 lbs: Kenny “The Poet’’ Johnson vs. Michael Penafiel

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