Monday, June 23, 2008

The Ultimate Fighter Finale Videos: Riddle vs Rivera and Sadollah vs Dollaway


What a night of fights. Best part is in 2 weeks we do it again (Jackson vs Griffin). Rinse and Repeat (Silva vs Irvin) .We'll have them up for you over the next day or so...

Matt Riddle Vs Dante Rivera

And Amir Sadollah Vs CB Dollaway

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Silvia Picks up Pitbulls Sloppy Yet Succulent Seconds

Talk about salt in the wound.

We have to say the web is a plethora of useless, yet interesting information. One seemly abundant source of such information is Hot Chick's with Douche bags. Go figure, you'd think they'd have noble peace price content there huh?

Wait, how is this tied to MMA you're asking...

Well no official picture yet...but guess what website the latest pic of Tim Silvia and Patrycja Mikula is most likely to end up on?

We all know who Silvia is, he's in line to have his face rearragned by Fedor Emelinnko on July,19 Dallas Tx. But who is Patrycja you ask?

Hmm. How about....

Does this ring a bell? ---------------------------------------->Maybe her last boyfriend will help clear the Go figure.

For all those who are in the not know, Tim Silvia (by complete luck) KO'd Arlovski in Early 06 for the UFC heavyweight title, then again defeated the pit bull in a title defense.

Sadly, the pit bull has never been the same...never quite had the same bite. Now we know why. Apparently, she's got a thing for belts. That doesn't explain why she's with Tim Silva, but....

This is just uncalled for...

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Monday, June 16, 2008

MMA Live: MMA's SportCenter

Espn carves out a very decent half hour of MMA "SportsCenter" in MMA LIVE.
Solid work done yet again behind a mike for Kenny Florian, you are slowly gaining a fanbase. Now, if only they'd like'm in the cage...We'll see if he can woo the crowd in his toe to toe showdown with Roger Huerta.

In the meantime, a very sharp and insightful Kenny who displayed his poise for the first time @ Ufc 84, now can be caught Thursday's at 6pm...

We've got the last couple of weeks for you below. So far MMA live is on the 4th Webisode and is gaining ground, we'll continue to support here.

Last week....

Thoughts and takeaways*

  • Thiago Alves:A monster in the ring (hard to judge 4lbs over), agreed with Kenny 1 fight til title shot (possibly after Fitch, to close out '08 unless the Bj Penn fight holds water).
  • Expect to see alot more MMA on Network Television, this is going to be a delecate process expect to see the industry finetune it's presence on Mainstream t.v.
  • Referee stoppage. It's part of the game. Nba has badly officiated games *see game #2 Los Angeles vs Boston Celtics June '08. It's part of the sport, most sports do have the use of instant for thought.
  • If your ear has a zipcode...Drain it. If people scream "Supersized!" when they look at your ear....drain it. If you continually hear the sloshing of water...DRAIN YOUR EAR!
  • Fitch's gameplan to beat GSP, drug his food...

The week before last week....

A few takeaways*
  • CBS has a HUGE showing over $6 MILL, but production was sub-par good for mma, just not Great...No Tony the Tiger awards...
  • Lawler vs Smith agreed, was the fight of the night followed by Gina C. and Karen Y., love that our boy Franklin disliked the booing of the fans. Welcome to the Us, where our fanbase just had it's 1st televised event...if you want a cultured MMA crowd watch Pride/Dream the asian community not only respects the art of bouts, but they actually understand the fundamentals of great ground work. Stop watching CBS and start watching the MMA events with names you can't pronounces *wink
  • Uriah Faber is almost unstoppable, but fighting Floyd Mayweather...just isn't feasable. Boxer vs MMArtist just isn't fair is a knife in a gun fight. One side has 2 weapons while the other works with 8 (striking weapons) + the ability to go to the ground. So how about a boxing bout, while great stand up against Jens...Boxing Mayweather is even dumber than Anderson Silva Challenging Roy Jones. At least Roy Jones is retired. So Urijah We love you, but you get the Gary Coleman Award on that one.
  • *sigh* Tito. Thanks for spending just enough time on this story. Ortiz. The fact that the piece was over before you could finish his name was brilliant.
  • Hughes:(On the Alves fight) Easier said than done. Huh? (On another GSP fight) I want another Gsp fight on the same card as Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin VII, Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell XII, and the same night Chuck will take on Rampage in IIVX.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

UFC 85 Post-Fight Interviews

Straight from the horses mouth(s).

Enough Said.

Matt Hughes and Thiago Alves

Michael Bisbing On Win of Day

The Rest of the Pack: Swick, Marquadt, and Burns on their fights

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

UFC 85 Bedlum: Full Video

It's been a little hectic. In and out, here and there.

With all the hussle and bussle it's been a little quiet here, but worry not you were still in the thoughts. By now you've already heard what a stellar weekend of fights they had at UFC 85. Great showings by Mike Swick, Michael Bisbing, and Thiago Alves.

While most of the controversy revolved around the officiating and calls, all in all it was great production with constant action and a great flow to the event. Plenty of fights on this one to pass the time, so if you've already watched most the fights in pieces sit down to enjoy a great series. We'll have the Post-thoughts and highlights a bit later...

Right now you should grab that Brewskie, a bowl of chips and salsa...

Part I

Part II

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Espn Debates CBS Weekend Good? 20/20 On MMA Bandwagon.

Big Big BIG Weekend for MMA.  And even more surprising about it, all UFC had to show for it was an Ultimate Knockouts ft. the Iceman.  No wonder, front man Dana White has a few things to say about this weekend.

If you saw Elite Xc 3 out of 5 fights where worthy, Gina and Young stole the show followed closely by the Lawler/Smith No Contest.  On Espn they talk the turn of MMA and  Television.

Dana being the salesman he is spins all the other current sports, but in actuality if boxing/wrestling can be shown mma is marketable.

Wether or not what CBS showed the world on Sat was positive for MMA or negative. It's been said before, there is no such thing as bad press. Let's hope. It wasn't ground-breaking, but it was an eventful night. Was it successful? Thanks to
Here’s what we do know:

The 18-49 year old demographic showed a strong increase in viewers over the first two hours of the broadcast. The first half hour showed 1.4 million viewers, which increased to 2.4 between 10:30 and 11:00 p.m. ET.

While most of us were glued CBS w/ picture in picture on Spike Saturday Night, Abc actually is rounding the corner.
20/20 Special Delivery.

Mixed Martial Arts = The Devil?
Or is this just a NEW threat on the horizon we must paint as evil?

77 deaths as of baseball, 25000 cheerleaders with trips to the hospitals, and 0 deaths and no more injuries than boxing...

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