Monday, May 12, 2008

Espn's Pound for Pound Video Rankings

While for pound rankings are always opinion-based, we lightly stand behind the words of Sherdog.

At least til you get to the top 3. A little reshuffle is in order but all in all, they are pretty dog gone close.

We have small dispute for the top 3 spots.

3rd - Quinton Rampage Jackson - King of the Light Heavy's. Recent Claim to Fame: Hasn't been beatin in the UFC yet. Notable wins over Henderson and Liddell. Why isn't he higher? One word - Inactivity. Last fight was almost a year ago, things change pretty quick around here now adays, got to be fighting to be the best.

2nd - Anderson Silvia - The Ultimate Striker. Recent Claim to Fame: Same as Jackson, just a little more impressive. Yet to be beatin in (6 fights) the UFC yet. Not only did he win, but he dismantled the competition. Not one fight has been past the 2nd half of the 2nd round. Why isn't he higher? Today isn't tomorrow. The only place Anderson could be on this list, if not first is tied for it. Or about to be crowned 1st again.

1st - GSP. The total package. Recent Claim to Fame: Demolition of a champion. It as one sided a fight one could have, reclaiming a title. But the reason GSP is a chart topper are for a couple of reasons. GSP is probably the best in every facet of the game, minus striking vs Anderson...or wrestling a Rampage. A+'s across the board. The one difference between this guy and our other top 5 is. They all have area's of expertise, but GSP has and can win from any of them....

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