Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Shogun, Now Spencer Fisher Out of UFC Fight NIght 13

Yet another has fallen...

Earlier this month the highly anticipated bout between Former Light Heavyweight Champion vs. a very well rounded at was sidelined due to a piss-pour timed knee injury on the part of Shogun. This match followed a less than stellar performance by the Brazilian against , in which critics remarked Rua seemed to be in a daze. Well having a knee in several pieces will do that to you. Rua is well known for his stand up skills and against a brawler like Griffin could have taken the fight standing or to the ground where he becomes a master. Stacking up against Chuck was an even more impressive dream where the would get another chance to understand just how accomplished this fighter is. But, someone left the banana peel on the matt. Now we're left with who does wear an 11-0-1 record, obviously he wins fights. Lucky, for us Chuck finishes them, and hopefully early considering the last few Evans bouts fans caught up on some much needed beauty rest.

Now, we face the demise of another fire fight tasting defeat before it could even taste the air. , well known to be a firecracker on his feet, always a scrapper and warrior has been pulled due to a shoulder injury. It pains us to hear consider this was one of the fights that makes the a must see. If you haven't noticed, that's Spencer up top on our banner rearranging Sam Stout's face. He's fun to watch folks.
Spencer's Manager spoke with Sherdog Earlier-

Spencer is the kind of fighter who has fought plenty of fights with injuries and is not the kind of fighter you want to fight at 80 percent," said the native North Carolinian's manager, Monte Cox. "He was willing to fight but we decided it just was not a smart decision

Spencer's replacement against Marcus Aurelio, a veritable anaconda should he get a hold of you, is now . Miller will be making his octagon debut. Yes, his debut. Yet again we expect a porter house and get bacon bits.

We're pouring our liquor for you Spence, we'll leave you guys with a few videos.

First Spence Training in Thailand

2nd Spence with a 1,2

Last, on the ground...

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