Monday, March 17, 2008

If You Miss Pride, You'll Love DREAM... Weekend's Video Recap

For those whom are still in morning for the recent passing of one the most elite and stylistic fighting championships, , this weekend I believe our prayers have been answered.

In the states we have come to find there are two types of fans. There are those who love MMA and those who think the IS . While the previous fan is prominent the later is more of what you'll find thanks to the over abundant brainwashi-sorry marketing efforts of Zuffa. Yes, the Ufc is the most successful dollar-wise because of the PPV (pay-per-view) division, Pride was a much more long-standing and crowd supported entity. Since conception in 1997, Pride toted a semblance with it's name in it's choice in fighters, which now reign the UFC (Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson, Minotaro Noguiera) but, also in the knowledge of its fanbase. While broad casted in 40 diffrent countries Pride's largest event in the Tokyo Dome reached 70,000 strong compared to the UFC's infant 22,000. The Eastern culture had more of an understanding for the technical aspects of the martial arts and loved to see combatants reach new levels. It's been said that the UFC, after Dana White breathing life back into it, resembled a fighting championship with (even before Lesner) WWE steroids pumped into it's system. Focusing on the chatter between the fighters before, during, and after the fight as well the most blood on the matt.

If that is how you feel, then we have your answer.

. And this weekend was a list of fights that we have not seen matching caliber, intensity, or technique in quite some time. We're sure you'll agree DREAM is a gem. In between the flashes of blood lust and testosterone craves the UFC is good for, those days you want to see the top shelf performances Pride was known for DREAM has arrived. Take a look at this weekend. It's a showcase of fights that barely makes it out of the first round. Topped off with the return on Cro Cop. Yes, we do mean return.

Begin transmission-


While we're still pondering the somersaults, there is no question about what happens after the double leg take down.


This fight may get off to a slower start, towards the mid-way mark you realize you are watching two scrappers. This is one of the longer fights of the evening, but immediatly following the bout watch the two combatants.


Fireworks, standing up or on the ground. And the early transition from the rear-naked, to the arm-bar, to the triangle choke was poetry in motion. The only thing crazier was Boku survived...


Sakuria = Low Kicks...
Take note, towards the end of the fight count how long the ground and pound lasts...


Like we said, the return. This is how Cro Cop was known, hopefully this the beginning of another run.

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