Monday, May 19, 2008

Lyoto Machida: Eye On the Dragon

Rather under-noticed, and under appreciated we are gearing up to see a potential upset this weekend...

While most of the eyes, and ears considering we can't shut him up, will be on Tito this weekend. At least, while Jenna not around anyway. But this does mark the end of an era. Yes, we did give Tito the credit on this one by using the word "Era". A quick romp down memory lane if you will. courtesy of Dave Meltzer over at Yahoo! Sports-

“Ortiz has had more fights (21) in the Octagon than any man in history. He was the longest-reigning champion in company history, a three-and-a-half year run as light heavyweight champion from 2000-03. And the Huntington Beach, Calif., native headlined the company’s two most successful pay-per-view events in matches with Ken Shamrock (770,000 buys) and Chuck Liddell (1.05 million), and the company’s highest rated television special (3.1), in a third match with Shamrock.”
The numbers, are good.

This weekend is the 22nd of 22 fights in the UFC for he Bad Boy, while he is 15 and 5. Machida comes at 13 and 0, with 8 being UFCers. And we ain't talking your AFC (Aver. F*cking Chump), the list totes Stephen Bonner, B.J. Penn, Vernon White, Sokoudjou, and Rich Franklin. Really, Ace? What a coincidence. The Dragon Machida just happens to come from Black House, home of another Ass Kicking Brazillia, The Spyder.

Machida is unorthodox fighter, who has surprising strength and speed in the stand up. Easily had knock-out power, but his real forte is timing....He presents quite a few challenges for the Bad Boy, and we aren't so sure that the biggest thing about Tito right now isn't just his head. Machida will close in the the third round, or it'll be to the judges cards...

Here are a few moments to consider for the Dragon.

1st up Stephen Bonner

Ace just has a soft spot for Brazillian's...

The lastest tangle with Sokoudjou...

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