Friday, May 30, 2008

Too much MMA this weekend? What to Watch...

Good weekend for MMA, beautiful part is everything listed here is free...
Here's what to look for...

Friday Night: Head over to Spike (ole' faithful) @ 9pm UFC Fight Night
Then directly after @ 11 Stick around for UFC Unleashed

Saturday Night: It's a doozy. Spike kicks off an Ultimate Fighter Marathon @ 12pmEst
Following the back back episodes we roll right into Ultimate Knockouts 4 @ 9pmEst
Same time Different Network: CBS 9pmEst Elite Xc Premier W/Kimbo + Robbie Lawler.
Back over on Spiketv @10pmEst Iceman Special
Followed by Liddel vs Silva @ 11pm Est

Not to mention-
UFC Wired check listings here. Happens to be on at 10pmEt in these parts, don't miss any of it. And if you haven't already, invest in a Tivo.

Sunday Night: What? You thought we were done?
Wec 34: Urijah Faber vs Jens Pulver Biggest night for Zuffa's red headed stepchild to date, and it's worth parking on the couch. Check them out on the VS network, listings here.

Whew. Just in time for Monday the Funday. Cheers, guys enjoy the weekend.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Old Tito vs Wanderlei Fight Video

Have you ever wished you could control time?

Maybe when you're bored, sneak out back to take the Delorian for a joy ride?

Well, we do. And we did this morning, brought back a little souvenir. Isn't there a saying about history? Has a way of repeating....repeating itself.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane. And a glimpse of what may be to come.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rear Naked Video Lessons : Oldest Choke in the Book

One of the most widely used finisher in all of MMA.

A part of the the BJJ arsenal, the rear naked is the quinatasential "Bear Hug" around the neck. It's a crowd pleaser, and a fighter pleaser as well.

Nothing beats feeling like you are about to pop you're aggressor head off.

Take notes.

For a little Bill Nye Action, we look to Fight Science for an inside track.

The Takeaway -
*Notice this is not to (cut off air supply), but to stop the flow of blood to the brain. Much more effective. So notice wear the pressure points, on either side of the trachea.

Here is a great step by step.

*Great points on where to place your hands while "not choking" , where to hold onto your opponent - 'scapula'

*Where to grab ,and how to secure a tighter position with your hands...

*How to apply pressure in the choke.

Looks easy. I know. But is it really?
The placement of the hands, and the choke are the toughest. Avoiding the instinct to arm squeeze or hold the head are habits you have to break...but... if you don't believe its as easy as 1,2,3

And what video series is complete without a hot girl?

Yes. We can find a way to work one in. Try this on for size.

Joanna over at the lovely being choked out. What a champ.

MMA Girls Joanne Is Choked Unconscious

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post 84 Conference Videos and Dana White Quotes

For starters, we clap too after Dana's opening comments, hinting that he is considering the possibility of BJ vs II...
You do not clap alone ...

A Few Notables on Part I

, what did you expect? Tito vs Dana/UFC had just as much marketing/pr as Tito vs Machida. So that means one of there in tonight's questions are for little ole you. Enjoy.

, for the recored you are the man. Just keep winning.
Dana loves you, the crowd loves you, we love you.
But 2 out of 3 are when you're winning, guess who's loyal.

Bj, is becoming somewhat humble in his honesty. His perspective on pre/during fight is great on what he knew, and needed to do. We expect to see him sitting on the "W" side, that's the belt side of the conference for many more of these.

After a spot on predicition, we found there are 2 types of fans Machida, Mainstream (Casual, "AFC" aka Avg. F*cking Chump) and Hardcore (extended knowledge/fighters). The AFC base pays to see blood and guts with a little tragedy and triumph. Of course, there is no tragedy or triumph with a good amount of blood and guts. They pay to see great fights...Hence this would fall in to the category of Entertainment. Then there is your hardcore, who pay to see the great fighters. We honor the technique, the sacrifice, the talent, but more so the work. We want to see them all come together. And most of we watch this as a fight, not entertainment.

So for you Machida, the waters will always be divided...between those who appreciate the real world application of your style, and those who just want to see someone's face pounded into the matt. We beg you, pay no mind to these heathens. You have to make it do what it do baby...

And the closing question..."Respect is a two way street, [Tito just danced around the possibility of a great match up]...Silva, Would you fight Tito? [Please? If you haven't noticed America just loves to watch Ortiz get his ass handed to him]"

To Be Continued....

Part II

Notables on Part II

Wandi's answer...Classic. "Eh, we will see. [Tito needs to get his mouth and his shit straight first]You know, where he will end up. I am a UFC fighter." *pause for round of applause*

And we had enough goodies from part I, we decided to end it with another classic.

"So Dana, word around town is Wandi's totaled $150k tonight for the win, but Jardine hitchhiked home with $10 grand. Does that seem right to you?"

Dana chuckles out a "No" the room hushes as a 16 ft show horse trots in on que. Dana opens his coat, and pulls a ladder out of his inside pocket. He gives everyone a quick index finger," Gimme just a sec" as he climbs on...he settles in and says...

"Do you think that's right?"

"Well then, [Dana] Why is it happening? [Aren't you the voice of the company?]"

"[Hey, Mr. You think you have the whole story.] Things aren't always what they seem..."

"Could you clarify?"

"No. And I will never tell you."

Wow. Seriously.
I love a good session with Dana White don't you?

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Did you miss Ufc 84: Ill Will?

So after this weekend's fights ended, we all sat back, put our hands to our heads and sighed...


What a night of fights, if you missed it we're going to rub you nose in it now. Jeez...

The card boasted a tough line up and they delivered...

Ok, We lied. This is not a break down post, or a post fight article. This is for all of you who are broke, who didn't pay attention to the date, who are married (enough said) and had to pay the piper, those who just don't know any better...look no further. We did your work for you, or as much as we could. Not like we could watch it for you right?

Yes kids, Ufc 84 Ill will is here. Enjoy.

Part I

Online Videos by

Part II

Online Videos by

Part III

Online Videos by

Part IV

Online Videos by

Part V

Online Videos by

Part VI

Online Videos by

Part VII

Online Videos by


Online Videos by

Part IX

Online Videos by

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Friday, May 23, 2008

This Week: Jon Fitch Title Shot, Lesnar Waits, Wandie Needs Win

Weekend wrap up. Here's what happened this week in MMA.

It's Official, Jon Fitch gets what he wants as of yesterday. On August 9th, he will face George St. Pierre for the Welterweight Title.

After very impressive road at (17-2) Jon with an amazing wrestling pedigree is a product of American Kickbox Academy. He knocks at GSP's door toting 15 consecutive wins.

Still. Just can't shake the feeling that this match is strictly a formality.

Sorry, Jon. You are loved, just....out-matched. Next.

Most of us although painful, had to laugh at the rollercoaster of a life the Chuck Liddell vs Shogun bout turned into. First Chuckie and Shogun, then no Shogun... Then we were set up for Chuckie vs Rashad E. (puke)... Once again the Fight Fairy said no, and Chuckie was out with a hammie pull. So in comes James Irvin to dance with Evans, until... The curse continues... Evans mysteriously breaks his foot. So we wait for yet another cast change in Luis Cane, and finally the UFC flies into our rescue. Suffer no more, we're canning it altogether. Thank you.

Well, looks like the curse may not have been lifted just yet. Brock Lesnar debuted this year against a game Frank Mir. Lesnar lost the opening bout but was set to fight Mark Coleman at 87. After suffering a knee injury during practice, it's concluded Coleman will not be able to be in fight condition...he's out. Waiting for the B string to step in, and sadly. We've been here before, please keep all legs and arms inside the car at all times, buckle all safety harness' and enjoy the roller coaster.

Dana goes on record, "Wanderlie needs a win."

We'll agree with Capt. Obvious, but coming from the bald headed beauty those words carry a little more weight. Those of us who love the Ax Murderer know he hasn't been himself as of late, and saw this next fight an "ALL IN" situation.

He had plenty to's a snip.

Wanderlei has lost three in a row,” White said. “This guy has to win some fights here to stay in the UFC and stay at the top of the 205-pound division.”

“He’s one of these unique fighters who people just love to watch fight because of his mentality on fighting,” White said. “Obviously, though, [he] has to get a win.”

And lastly. Predictions.
Courtesy of our girls at

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

WEC Countdown: Is Faber ready for Pulver?

The WEC prepares for it's night in the lights. May 26th will be the crowning night of yet for the smaller sister of the UFC. Mainly because of 1 fight. One of the current, fastest up and commers Urijah Faber who has been reigning of the Wec for the last 3 yrs will, face the UFC's very first lightweight Champion in Jenz Pulver.

The big question- is Faber ready for the next level?

We've done a little digging to bring you a view video specimens to set the stage for the battle royale. As much as we've enjoyed the last few months of Urijah imprinting his knees, fists, or whatever was available into the face his competition, but there come's a time when we the fans want to "see" (as in actually watch you fight some as good as you) a challenge. There also comes a time when you realize, there is always someone better than you. As much as we love Faber for all of his quick wits in the ring, the surfer hair,'rock on' hand signs, and the refusal to appear over the age of 16...we just don't know if he Urijah's ready for the trial he's about be put through.

And here's why. Buckle up, it's a good fight.

Yes I know. Pulver lost.
But, a few things to note during this fight.

When Gomi is unable to go to the ground he stands. In this fight Pulver is the smaller man, giving away 2-3 inches in height/reach. As well as a couple pounds, with size comes power. What Gomi gives away in technique, he makes up for in power. All those exchanges take a toll, even though Pulver is more crisp-Gomi still hurts...eventually the knockout.

Faber will not have the luxury of size, he will the smaller of the two as well as the less technical in the striking game. Aside from conditioning Fabers biggest asset is his speed and pace. If the ground game is nullified by Pulver, then what options does Faber have against a stronger, more experienced, more accurate striker? He is the question, if this comes out to a flat out war. Little Evil has proven the dirtier, grittier, and more brawler like the fight the better. Is this the moment Urijah jumps from good to great?

Training Camp Details. Little sneak peak into both camps.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

UFC 84 Ill Will Fight Card

It's that time again. Seems like just yesterday we were debating Fluke or Fake to decide the fate of the Serra/GSP Fiasco.

With hindsight being so disgustingly clear at 20/20, 1080I, or 65 inches (choose your poision) we all saw it was easily not the time and place for Serra.

While that battle presented its own platform for a story, this new feud comes surrounded controversy.

Lines have been drawn, Words have been said...Apparently, no drugs have been taken.

If you're bored with the main card between BJ Penn and Sherk, I'm sure with W.Silva, T.Ortiz, K.Jardin, R. Clementi you can find someone to watch.


B.J. Penn (c) vs. Sean Sherk (Lightweight title)

Keith Jardine vs. Wanderlei Silva

Wilson Gouveia vs. Goran Reljic

Lyoto Machida vs. Tito Ortiz

Thiago Silva vs. Antonio Mendes


Rousimar Palhares vs. Ivan Salaverry

Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

Rich Clementi vs. Terry Etim

John Koppenhaver vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Dong-Hyun Kim vs. Jason Tan

Shane Carwin vs. Christian Wellisch

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Lyoto Machida: Eye On the Dragon

Rather under-noticed, and under appreciated we are gearing up to see a potential upset this weekend...

While most of the eyes, and ears considering we can't shut him up, will be on Tito this weekend. At least, while Jenna not around anyway. But this does mark the end of an era. Yes, we did give Tito the credit on this one by using the word "Era". A quick romp down memory lane if you will. courtesy of Dave Meltzer over at Yahoo! Sports-

“Ortiz has had more fights (21) in the Octagon than any man in history. He was the longest-reigning champion in company history, a three-and-a-half year run as light heavyweight champion from 2000-03. And the Huntington Beach, Calif., native headlined the company’s two most successful pay-per-view events in matches with Ken Shamrock (770,000 buys) and Chuck Liddell (1.05 million), and the company’s highest rated television special (3.1), in a third match with Shamrock.”
The numbers, are good.

This weekend is the 22nd of 22 fights in the UFC for he Bad Boy, while he is 15 and 5. Machida comes at 13 and 0, with 8 being UFCers. And we ain't talking your AFC (Aver. F*cking Chump), the list totes Stephen Bonner, B.J. Penn, Vernon White, Sokoudjou, and Rich Franklin. Really, Ace? What a coincidence. The Dragon Machida just happens to come from Black House, home of another Ass Kicking Brazillia, The Spyder.

Machida is unorthodox fighter, who has surprising strength and speed in the stand up. Easily had knock-out power, but his real forte is timing....He presents quite a few challenges for the Bad Boy, and we aren't so sure that the biggest thing about Tito right now isn't just his head. Machida will close in the the third round, or it'll be to the judges cards...

Here are a few moments to consider for the Dragon.

1st up Stephen Bonner

Ace just has a soft spot for Brazillian's...

The lastest tangle with Sokoudjou...

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Muay Thai Foundation: The Clinch

This weekend presented some very interesting conversations. In the company of 'self proclaimed' MMA fanatics a curious topic arose.

Why do guys always just hug each other? They look like they want to dry hump each other on the cage, rather than fight. What is that all about?


Yeah it is kind of gay how that hold one another. And whisper sweet nothings into there opponents ears, as the sweat in front of millions of fans. These statements are a crystal clear view into how much you really know about fighting. So we decided to clear up the homographic nature of the MMA community for the 'fanatics'.

So why chest bump. The correct name is the Clinch.

Arguably the most effective weapon in the Muay Thai arsenal is unquestionably the most overlooked.

So instead of the scientific break down on how to pull this off. Catch the video first.

Things to keep in mind.
*Watch your fingers!
*Think Leverage not strength
*Grab Head, not neck

So what are the take aways?
1) Control the Head, you control the body.
If you are wondering where that is, grab the back your neck with your right hand. (Your index finger should be where your neck meets your torso, pinky finger where your neck meets base of your skull) You want to grab your opponent where your pinky fingers are or higher.
The avg. head ways eight pounds, which is actually alot of weight for a muscle as weak as the neck. Any pressure above the base of the neck is multiplied by the leverage and the neck just cannot copensate for weight above 12-20lbs. In short. grab the right spot.

2) If you like using your fingers, don't cross them.
Biggest mistake. Just don't do it. Fingers that are locked are asking to be broken. That easy. Simply clasp your fists.

3) Leverage is more powerful, than strength.
If you grasp them correctly, you will have you elbows near the collar bone. Keep your hips away, this allows you to do two things at once.

You automatically apply pressure and begin to control the person body weight and movement, secondly you give yourself the ability to set up or avoid strikes. Hips back means you can move, knee, push, pull all without having to set yourself or fight the opponent.

Chuck does well with this last point. Take notes.

Everything we learned, in motion watch Ufc 64 Franklin vs Silva. When we can locate a live link, we'll post.

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Espn's Pound for Pound Video Rankings

While for pound rankings are always opinion-based, we lightly stand behind the words of Sherdog.

At least til you get to the top 3. A little reshuffle is in order but all in all, they are pretty dog gone close.

We have small dispute for the top 3 spots.

3rd - Quinton Rampage Jackson - King of the Light Heavy's. Recent Claim to Fame: Hasn't been beatin in the UFC yet. Notable wins over Henderson and Liddell. Why isn't he higher? One word - Inactivity. Last fight was almost a year ago, things change pretty quick around here now adays, got to be fighting to be the best.

2nd - Anderson Silvia - The Ultimate Striker. Recent Claim to Fame: Same as Jackson, just a little more impressive. Yet to be beatin in (6 fights) the UFC yet. Not only did he win, but he dismantled the competition. Not one fight has been past the 2nd half of the 2nd round. Why isn't he higher? Today isn't tomorrow. The only place Anderson could be on this list, if not first is tied for it. Or about to be crowned 1st again.

1st - GSP. The total package. Recent Claim to Fame: Demolition of a champion. It as one sided a fight one could have, reclaiming a title. But the reason GSP is a chart topper are for a couple of reasons. GSP is probably the best in every facet of the game, minus striking vs Anderson...or wrestling a Rampage. A+'s across the board. The one difference between this guy and our other top 5 is. They all have area's of expertise, but GSP has and can win from any of them....

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