Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Silvia Picks up Pitbulls Sloppy Yet Succulent Seconds

Talk about salt in the wound.

We have to say the web is a plethora of useless, yet interesting information. One seemly abundant source of such information is Hot Chick's with Douche bags. Go figure, you'd think they'd have noble peace price content there huh?

Wait, how is this tied to MMA you're asking...

Well no official picture yet...but guess what website the latest pic of Tim Silvia and Patrycja Mikula is most likely to end up on?

We all know who Silvia is, he's in line to have his face rearragned by Fedor Emelinnko on July,19 Dallas Tx. But who is Patrycja you ask?

Hmm. How about....

Does this ring a bell? ---------------------------------------->Maybe her last boyfriend will help clear the Go figure.

For all those who are in the not know, Tim Silvia (by complete luck) KO'd Arlovski in Early 06 for the UFC heavyweight title, then again defeated the pit bull in a title defense.

Sadly, the pit bull has never been the same...never quite had the same bite. Now we know why. Apparently, she's got a thing for belts. That doesn't explain why she's with Tim Silva, but....

This is just uncalled for...

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