Friday, May 23, 2008

This Week: Jon Fitch Title Shot, Lesnar Waits, Wandie Needs Win

Weekend wrap up. Here's what happened this week in MMA.

It's Official, Jon Fitch gets what he wants as of yesterday. On August 9th, he will face George St. Pierre for the Welterweight Title.

After very impressive road at (17-2) Jon with an amazing wrestling pedigree is a product of American Kickbox Academy. He knocks at GSP's door toting 15 consecutive wins.

Still. Just can't shake the feeling that this match is strictly a formality.

Sorry, Jon. You are loved, just....out-matched. Next.

Most of us although painful, had to laugh at the rollercoaster of a life the Chuck Liddell vs Shogun bout turned into. First Chuckie and Shogun, then no Shogun... Then we were set up for Chuckie vs Rashad E. (puke)... Once again the Fight Fairy said no, and Chuckie was out with a hammie pull. So in comes James Irvin to dance with Evans, until... The curse continues... Evans mysteriously breaks his foot. So we wait for yet another cast change in Luis Cane, and finally the UFC flies into our rescue. Suffer no more, we're canning it altogether. Thank you.

Well, looks like the curse may not have been lifted just yet. Brock Lesnar debuted this year against a game Frank Mir. Lesnar lost the opening bout but was set to fight Mark Coleman at 87. After suffering a knee injury during practice, it's concluded Coleman will not be able to be in fight condition...he's out. Waiting for the B string to step in, and sadly. We've been here before, please keep all legs and arms inside the car at all times, buckle all safety harness' and enjoy the roller coaster.

Dana goes on record, "Wanderlie needs a win."

We'll agree with Capt. Obvious, but coming from the bald headed beauty those words carry a little more weight. Those of us who love the Ax Murderer know he hasn't been himself as of late, and saw this next fight an "ALL IN" situation.

He had plenty to's a snip.

Wanderlei has lost three in a row,” White said. “This guy has to win some fights here to stay in the UFC and stay at the top of the 205-pound division.”

“He’s one of these unique fighters who people just love to watch fight because of his mentality on fighting,” White said. “Obviously, though, [he] has to get a win.”

And lastly. Predictions.
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