Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post 84 Conference Videos and Dana White Quotes

For starters, we clap too after Dana's opening comments, hinting that he is considering the possibility of BJ vs II...
You do not clap alone ...

A Few Notables on Part I

, what did you expect? Tito vs Dana/UFC had just as much marketing/pr as Tito vs Machida. So that means one of there in tonight's questions are for little ole you. Enjoy.

, for the recored you are the man. Just keep winning.
Dana loves you, the crowd loves you, we love you.
But 2 out of 3 are when you're winning, guess who's loyal.

Bj, is becoming somewhat humble in his honesty. His perspective on pre/during fight is great on what he knew, and needed to do. We expect to see him sitting on the "W" side, that's the belt side of the conference for many more of these.

After a spot on predicition, we found there are 2 types of fans Machida, Mainstream (Casual, "AFC" aka Avg. F*cking Chump) and Hardcore (extended knowledge/fighters). The AFC base pays to see blood and guts with a little tragedy and triumph. Of course, there is no tragedy or triumph with a good amount of blood and guts. They pay to see great fights...Hence this would fall in to the category of Entertainment. Then there is your hardcore, who pay to see the great fighters. We honor the technique, the sacrifice, the talent, but more so the work. We want to see them all come together. And most of we watch this as a fight, not entertainment.

So for you Machida, the waters will always be divided...between those who appreciate the real world application of your style, and those who just want to see someone's face pounded into the matt. We beg you, pay no mind to these heathens. You have to make it do what it do baby...

And the closing question..."Respect is a two way street, [Tito just danced around the possibility of a great match up]...Silva, Would you fight Tito? [Please? If you haven't noticed America just loves to watch Ortiz get his ass handed to him]"

To Be Continued....

Part II

Notables on Part II

Wandi's answer...Classic. "Eh, we will see. [Tito needs to get his mouth and his shit straight first]You know, where he will end up. I am a UFC fighter." *pause for round of applause*

And we had enough goodies from part I, we decided to end it with another classic.

"So Dana, word around town is Wandi's totaled $150k tonight for the win, but Jardine hitchhiked home with $10 grand. Does that seem right to you?"

Dana chuckles out a "No" the room hushes as a 16 ft show horse trots in on que. Dana opens his coat, and pulls a ladder out of his inside pocket. He gives everyone a quick index finger," Gimme just a sec" as he climbs on...he settles in and says...

"Do you think that's right?"

"Well then, [Dana] Why is it happening? [Aren't you the voice of the company?]"

"[Hey, Mr. You think you have the whole story.] Things aren't always what they seem..."

"Could you clarify?"

"No. And I will never tell you."

Wow. Seriously.
I love a good session with Dana White don't you?

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