Monday, March 24, 2008

Jenna Does Dana...

It looks like *coughed* comments and giggle* giggle* shoulder-brush, wasn't loud enough for Jennito. The quieter side piped up over the weekend voicing much disgust and disapprovment for, wait who was that? Oh, . Well Former-Porn Goddess/Actress(??)/Author refused to get in the long line of anti-Dana fanatics. She decided to shimmy* to the head of the line and sprinkled her little two cents. With a cherry on top via her myspace blog.

The blonde ambition waste no time getting to the meat of the topic-

I usually don’t comment on nastiness in the press, but I couldn’t ignore Dana Whites’ ramblings any longer. His latest interview referring to Tito as a "moron" for the hundredth time... will not go unnoticed.

so here goes...

Dana White - Pre Pubesent Schoolyard Bully
By Jenna Jameson
Dana White’s insistance of my lack of brain power smacks of 18th century
beliefs that women (all women) are inferior to the male species.
Ignoring a persons achievements or simply their IQ due to the fact they
have a vagina instead of a penis, explains Danas simplicity.

She continues in a measurable fashion to chisel and chop and at the adolescent psyche of the president. It's not must-see tv, but for some reason you just can't turn away.

In my experience anyone
that reverts to this type of defense is simply insecure about
themselves, and tend to try to shift the glaring light of truth away
from his profane grammatically incorrect rantings. The most interesting
story here, is the silence by the UFC. How do they sit back, silent, and
allow their "figure head" to endanger the worth of their empire?

Was a figure head JJ. We love Tito. Or lets be honest, SOME liked . But Tito ain't no , Tito ain't no , and Tito Damn sure ain't no ...but go on.

When are the Fertitas going to step to the plate and put a sock in Dana’s hate spewing mouth? It seems to be depreciating their
companies worth with every syllable. It is plainly obvious that it isn’t
just a coincidence that so many champions have chosen to test the waters
beyond the UFC trainwreck. Their defection to greener pastures is no
longer just a money issue, but more of a continued lack of disrespect on
Dana’s part.

True. True.

In closing, maybe the UFC should mandate steroid
testing to company presidents, then maybe the company could continue its
massive dominance... with a soft hand.

and that’s all I have to say about that...

Well. That's a bit more then you had to say to the ...

But we'll admit, talking or not, we've always liked your um distinct...point of view.

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