Monday, May 12, 2008

Muay Thai Foundation: The Clinch

This weekend presented some very interesting conversations. In the company of 'self proclaimed' MMA fanatics a curious topic arose.

Why do guys always just hug each other? They look like they want to dry hump each other on the cage, rather than fight. What is that all about?


Yeah it is kind of gay how that hold one another. And whisper sweet nothings into there opponents ears, as the sweat in front of millions of fans. These statements are a crystal clear view into how much you really know about fighting. So we decided to clear up the homographic nature of the MMA community for the 'fanatics'.

So why chest bump. The correct name is the Clinch.

Arguably the most effective weapon in the Muay Thai arsenal is unquestionably the most overlooked.

So instead of the scientific break down on how to pull this off. Catch the video first.

Things to keep in mind.
*Watch your fingers!
*Think Leverage not strength
*Grab Head, not neck

So what are the take aways?
1) Control the Head, you control the body.
If you are wondering where that is, grab the back your neck with your right hand. (Your index finger should be where your neck meets your torso, pinky finger where your neck meets base of your skull) You want to grab your opponent where your pinky fingers are or higher.
The avg. head ways eight pounds, which is actually alot of weight for a muscle as weak as the neck. Any pressure above the base of the neck is multiplied by the leverage and the neck just cannot copensate for weight above 12-20lbs. In short. grab the right spot.

2) If you like using your fingers, don't cross them.
Biggest mistake. Just don't do it. Fingers that are locked are asking to be broken. That easy. Simply clasp your fists.

3) Leverage is more powerful, than strength.
If you grasp them correctly, you will have you elbows near the collar bone. Keep your hips away, this allows you to do two things at once.

You automatically apply pressure and begin to control the person body weight and movement, secondly you give yourself the ability to set up or avoid strikes. Hips back means you can move, knee, push, pull all without having to set yourself or fight the opponent.

Chuck does well with this last point. Take notes.

Everything we learned, in motion watch Ufc 64 Franklin vs Silva. When we can locate a live link, we'll post.

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