Thursday, May 22, 2008

WEC Countdown: Is Faber ready for Pulver?

The WEC prepares for it's night in the lights. May 26th will be the crowning night of yet for the smaller sister of the UFC. Mainly because of 1 fight. One of the current, fastest up and commers Urijah Faber who has been reigning of the Wec for the last 3 yrs will, face the UFC's very first lightweight Champion in Jenz Pulver.

The big question- is Faber ready for the next level?

We've done a little digging to bring you a view video specimens to set the stage for the battle royale. As much as we've enjoyed the last few months of Urijah imprinting his knees, fists, or whatever was available into the face his competition, but there come's a time when we the fans want to "see" (as in actually watch you fight some as good as you) a challenge. There also comes a time when you realize, there is always someone better than you. As much as we love Faber for all of his quick wits in the ring, the surfer hair,'rock on' hand signs, and the refusal to appear over the age of 16...we just don't know if he Urijah's ready for the trial he's about be put through.

And here's why. Buckle up, it's a good fight.

Yes I know. Pulver lost.
But, a few things to note during this fight.

When Gomi is unable to go to the ground he stands. In this fight Pulver is the smaller man, giving away 2-3 inches in height/reach. As well as a couple pounds, with size comes power. What Gomi gives away in technique, he makes up for in power. All those exchanges take a toll, even though Pulver is more crisp-Gomi still hurts...eventually the knockout.

Faber will not have the luxury of size, he will the smaller of the two as well as the less technical in the striking game. Aside from conditioning Fabers biggest asset is his speed and pace. If the ground game is nullified by Pulver, then what options does Faber have against a stronger, more experienced, more accurate striker? He is the question, if this comes out to a flat out war. Little Evil has proven the dirtier, grittier, and more brawler like the fight the better. Is this the moment Urijah jumps from good to great?

Training Camp Details. Little sneak peak into both camps.

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