Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anderson Silva now on to boxing, recieves the Gary Coleman Award

Since storming on to the UFC scene has basically cleared house. The 32 year old reined supreme in other leagues such as Cage Rage and Pride before setting his sights on Ultimate Fighting. Winning 9 out of his last 10 fights, with the loss coming from a disqualification for nearly decapitating his opponent illegally with a devastating upkick. So did he lose, well technically yes. But did he lose, really? Usually when someone puts smelling salts under your nose to you feel like the loser...and Anderson was the one who walked away from that fight. No stretcher needed. So it's safe to say and finally the world agrees Anderson Silva is a bad ass. He strode into the UFC and literally picked off the "top-shelf" like he was an Army Sniper killing time at a Backyard Carnival shooting gallery. Dominating the once Champion Rich Franklin, rendering the metal-headed Chris Leben nearly unconscious, and his latest claim to fame subduing the legendary Dan Henderson. This is the man that stood toe to toe with our Light Heavyweight Champion to almost a stand still. So after that the question on every one's mind, including Anderson is what's next?
Well of course everyone has their opinions and they are entitled to but, Anderson or at least his management Ed Soares let thiers be known earlier to MMA Weekly. Sit down for this one folks.

“Anderson really would love to fight in a match. It’s
not just talk, we really would like to put that fight together.”
Whoa, whoa, whoa...come again?

“We respect Jones’ ability and think he’s one of the best,” said Soares,
“but we’re tired of different boxers saying that fighters aren’t technical.
Anderson would love to fight Roy Jones in a match under rules to
prove that fighters are technical, too.”

You had more to say? I'm still in shock from the first line. Love to fight Roy Jones? I'm sure if we had a time machine we'd just hop back to 65' and back hand Ali right? I understand the future looks uncertain, but we are acting as if it is obsolete in the UFC. While many fingers point to an Okami rematch, the road is very similar for another UFC prodigy, "Rush". His challengers after Serra are leaving the fans and critics wanting. While Fitch is good on paper who can really handle the "Rush"? Maybe Silva. Not to mention Wandie's hinting for a middleweight drop, never the less there are options. All inside the cage, where are king.

Not only did we forget our surroundings by jumping from fchain-link fence to rope, but we challenged another Pound for Pound fighter in his sport! So I'm wondering if the new found fame has clouded the judgment of the ring king and his seconds. While itself offers a different set of perimeters, the boxers themselves are conditioned for them. The ability to absorb punishment is sufficiently different as are the tactics in the ring itself. This latest set of statements had me spinning when I heard, and has easily earned its place with a stamp of approval. Take it away GC.

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