Saturday, March 08, 2008

Catch Cage Rage 25 Tonight on Showtime

Tonight marks the return of MMA's 'Most Dangerous Man' Ken Shamrock. Just a quick question, is there a time limit on a nickname? We're not pointing any fingers but, "Most" dangerous? ---->(26-12-2)? Anyway Capt. Danger will be squaring up against Robert “Buzz” Berry (11-7) at 10:30 p.m. on the Showtime.

The three leaf clov-eer uh Shamrock hopes to erase memories of his last bout, were the Ex-UFC Champion Tito Ortiz well to put it lightly sent Ken on his way to retirement after a long-heated season on The Ultimate Fighter.

He seems to have an opinion on tonight's fight.

Competition. The minute you stop, your whole life changes and it’s the thrill of competition that has kept me going. When you’re done as an athlete, you have to know it, and I don’t know it yet.

Well he's not short on desire or confidence. But he wasn't the day before he got put into his 'nursing home' by Tito in 2006. He feels this is a good refresher course to propel his apparently un-dieing career. It will be good to get his feet wet here with EliteXc, he has the opportunity to accomplish some things unavailable in the UFC.

His adversary has some interesting takes on tonight.
I have a lot of respect for Ken Shamrock, but when it is fight time and the first bell rings, it’s time to explode. I have to stay within myself; my strength is that I am an all around fighter and my power is my (main) strength.

Might be a good fight...tune in.

The rest of the card is as follows:
Tom Watson (4-3) vs. Pierre Guillet (10-7)
Masakazu Imanari (#5 Featherweight in the World)* vs. Jean Silva (will be worth watching)
Gary Turner vs. Mustapha Al Turk
Tom Watson vs. Pierre Guillet

Other Bouts:
Ivan Serati vs. Roman Webber
Rob Broughton vs. Neil Grove
Henrique Santana vs. Michael Johnson
Aisling Daly vs. Aysen Berik
Ryan Shamrock vs. Giorgio Andrews
John Hathaway vs. Marvin Arnold
Jack Bostwick vs. John Phillips

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