Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fedor vs. Couture and Silva vs. Jones Jr?? Pray to the MMA Gods...

It was an action filed day in the world of MMA today...

By now most of the fighting community has caught wind of the possibility of Russian King Pin going free agent in the very near future. While there is no confirmation on which direction they are leaning but in lighter news there is a chance we will see the king in territory soon. Yes, yes Randy we said it before be careful what you wish for. Sources at MMAweekly were informed that both sides of the fence are in negotiations or at least entertaining the thought of a 1 match bout between The Russian Emperor and Capt. America himself . We will save the thoughts of the outcome for a later date, for now we will revel in the the minute occasion that at least spouts off his "Slur, Slur, Explicative" after the papers are signed. One can only hope.

How this would affect Randy's current court proceedings is uncertain. But lets hope he can work of the steam in the cage.

As if that wasn't news enough. Word has also traveled about Silva's latest comments following UFC 82.

All these boxers out there talking s--- how fighters aren't technical, well he's willing to step up and fight them in their own game," says Soares, who notes that the idea to challenge the aging Jones was the UFC champ's. "So, if anything, he's not trying to say there's nothing to prove in ; he's trying to plant a flag for every one of the fighters out there in the world that fight .

Then his management citing names to those Silva would like to see in the ring- namely


"We respect Jones’ boxing ability and think he’s one of the best,” said Soares,
“but we’re tired of different boxers saying that MMA fighters aren’t technical.
Anderson would love to fight in a boxing match under boxing rules to
prove that MMA fighters are technical, too."

This set the MMA world ablaze...

Ed's latest at

"I just spoke with Roy Jones’ management and they are very interested in it. They think it would break all kinds of pay-per-view records. It all kind of started as a dream of Anderson’s, but if the UFC would back it, it is something that we really would like to pursue.”

Jones’ management indicated that this could be a fight that would bring together the fractured factions of boxing and mixed martial arts. “They think it will actually bring together the boxing and MMA communities,” said Soares.

Jones is currently headed out of the country until next week, but his management told Soares that he was “flattered and excited” by Silva’s interest in a boxing match with him. The parties are expected to talk again once Jones returns."

Again, all comments on the fight will be held til the possibility is the reality...but boy, oh boy are we serious when we say be careful what you wish for...

Ultimately this is about business. As much as we'd like to say is testing his merit against another warrior, the bottom line is the contract (his balls) are held by Dana and Zuffa. And while the money in the event is there, with the possibility of 2 pound for pound bests to face off with a unification of fans from the Boxing and MMA world together, the question is...will Dana allow his pride and joy in the ring? If he wins he gains clout, he gains recognition beyond any fighter ever...he stands 2 or 3 rounds he gets a pat on the back and some brews bought for hanging with one of the world's greatest. But, if he would that affect the world's view of MMA? How does Dana see that affecting his pocket books down the road? Only time will tell...and when it does you better believe it'll be EVERYWHERE. Especially here...

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