Sunday, March 09, 2008

Luck of the Irish not with Shamrock - Video

It was the shortest, long night in a long time. While there were some exciting moments, they were missed on bathroom and refrigerator breaks. And ofcourse the come-back fight of Shamrock proved a tad less than lucky.

Is it the "Heart of a Champion"? Michael Jordan came back to the game, twice. The steadfast will to win, that never leaves...or is it more lack of realism, common sense, or a circle of friends that just can't be honest with you? Maybe a little both. So we'll be that circle of friends. Ken, you were a pioneer, a trendsetter, an icon and now a legend. The thing is, legends tend to be remembered not pummelled. It's time buddy, more so it was time when you saluted us on the way out of the cage the first time. We'll always remember you, but the name "The World's Most Dangerous Man" belongs up there with "Ohh, yeahhhh I can dig it" and Macho Man Randy Savage. Love ya, bro. You brought us great moments, we'll always remember you for it.

Now. On the his performance. Shamrock totes a shootboxing/wrestling background with heavy pancreas experience. With that said, why would you try to box a guy that has a 6 inch reach and 20lbs on you? While Robert's hands weren't lighting fast, nor extremely technical. They did do one thing. They landed, and he's a big guy. Ken arsenal has never shown leg kicks. But just watching, common sense tells us the key is to NOT GET HIT. So either one take him down, or two if you have Superior stand up like in earlier claims, slip his jabs. With every punch tossed by the "Buzz" he pressed his chin straight up and straight out as if he wanted a kiss. For a guy like Shamrock to do damage you've got to get in close and kiss him on that chin. A Kimbo slice, would have parried/walked through the jab even traded just to land a left hook to send this kid in to Never Neverland where he could have ridden giraffes and rollercosters with Bubbles and Micheal. But...alas. Ken fell pray to repeated jabs, which ultimately led to supposed 1st Knock Out in Shamrocks career according to his boasting pre-fight. Take a look.

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