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Current MMA Rankings

Below is the list of current mma rankings including Pride, UFC, and other collective sources world wide. We've compiled the list presented here using multiple websites, as well as taking into account alot of the fighters here have had fights since the last official rankings.


Featherweight Division (145lbs and Under)

1. Urijah Faber
2. Akitoshi Tamura

3. Takeshi Inoue
4. Antonio Carvalho
5. Masakazu Imanari
6. Hatsu Hioki
7. Jeff Curran
8. Tenkei Fujimiya
9. Rafael Assuncao
10. Hideki Kadowaki

Lightweight Division (146-155lbs)

1. BJ Penn
2. Gesias Calvancanti

3. Joe Stevenson
4. Tyson Griffin
5. Roger Huerta
6. Sean Sherk
7. Thiago Tavares
8. Gilbert Melendez
9. Kenny Florian
10. Takanori Gomi

Welterweight Division (156-170lbs)

1: Georges St. Pierre
2. Matt Serra

3. Matt Hughes
4. Jon Fitch
5. Josh Koscheck
6. Karo Parisyan
7. Jake Shields
8. Diego Sanchez
9. Carlos Condit
10. Marcus Davis

Middleweight Division (171-185 LBS)

1. Anderson Silva

2. Dan Henderson

3. Rich Franklin
4. Yushin Okami
5. Paulo Filho
6. Matt Linland
7. Nathan Marquardt
8. Kazuo Misaki
9. Robbie Lawler
10. Frank Trigg


1. Quinton Jackson
2. Dan Henderson

3. Keith Jardine
4. Forrest Griffin
5. Chuck Liddell
6. Mauricio Rua
7. Wanderlei Silva
8. Ryoto Machida
9. Sokoudjou
10. Ricardo Arona

Heavyweight Division (206 lbs and Up)

1. Fedor Emelianenko
2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

3. Randy Couture
4. Tim Sylvia
5. Andrei Arlovski
6. Fabricio Werdum
7. Gabriel Gonzaga
8. Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic
9. Aleksander Emelianenko
10. Heath Herring

When I comes to this last category, we realize there is always going to be room for interpretation and even more so opinion. This list below is a collection of past fights as well as recent fights, but we've also considered a few other aspects that we think adds to the recipe of the best Pound for Pound Fighter. For one, time is a big factor here. You can't fight 10 years ago and still be #1, sorry times change and so do fighters. Second we take into account 'how' the fights were finished (yes TKO/Sub/Dec) matters but, more so how the fights themselves end against the foe. Was it a striking game? Was it a ground battle? Along those lines it matters how high was the competition? Bringing up the ole' cliche' Big fish in just a small pond? Or was each battle a period of growth? Was the fight in the victors element or out? With that said. Check out our top 3.

Pound for Pound (No Limit)

3. Fedor Emelianenko

Again, a matter of opinion and we can hear the moans now. Let's start with #3. On paper easily the most dominant record listed on this blog. But, out of all 27 fights maybe 3 were with at the time top 10 contenders. While we don't want to steal any thunder from Fedor's backhanding of his opposition Matt Linland was his last REAL challenge, and before then UFC's Current champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in 04 was the last blockbuster match.

2. Anderson Silva

On to Anderson Silva, who is not only a fan favorite but a personal favorite around these parts as well. And while his rise to King was quick, his recognition was still forth-coming. Now everyone is singing praises and is well deserved, but there are holes. While Silva's record may not hold as much clout as the previous a closer look reveals a few revolutions. For starters Silva's wins in the last 7 fights have all ended within the first 2 rounds, mostly strikes but 2 submissions as well. His loss to Okami was ruled because he knocked Yushin out (another KO) off his back with and illegal up kick. Before this, he had another 2 wins so technically we're looking at 10 straight fights where he was not bested. Inside the 10, four of these challengers where higher quality than the last, and NONE of them came close to scratching Silva.

1. Georges St. Pierre

That brings us to the next question, why George St. Pierre? Well, in a word "Rush". In, George's 17 fights 9, a whopping 53% of his fights were with top ten contenders if not the title holders themselves. George has been bested twice, but out of his wins most of the come in an odd fashion, in the opponent’s style. Karo P. grappled for 3 rounds lost to a D., Frank Trigg wrestled and was submitted, Josh Koscheck wrestled submitted, and same for the #1 all time winning Welterweight champion Matt Hughes 2nd chance submitted. The difference in Rush and the Spider is simply this, while the Brazilian is King of the Stand up and good on the ground, whatever you are good at Rush is BETTER. He is the all around, has no holes, Canadian Ace. And his biggest threat, even if Anderson should drop down a weight class is still, himself. Now enough of the rants, finish the list!

4. Quinton Jackson
5. Dan Henderson
6. Randy Couture
7. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
8. B.J. Penn
9. Takanori Gomi
10. Urijah Faber

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