Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Where Oh Where is my Fedor?

Couture, the Poster-Boy for Ufc. More the Captain America has been on rocky ground for the past year and a half. Always in the spotlight and now more the cross hairs of Zuffa and Ufc schizophrenic front man Dana White. It's not new news that Couture left the Ufc due to differences in management or lack of competition. The only sights this Former-Champion has set on is Fedor Emelianenko.

He recently visited the Bubba Love show to express his desires once again for the need to battle the most dominating heavyweight in history.

All though we love his zealous, we question his adequacy when facing the 6ft 1' 240lbs wrecking ball of a Russian. You've got big chops Randy, but the last emperor may be more than you can chew.

Too bad for Randy, if rumors of Fedor's free agent ship due happen to fall into the true category, odds are he'll be first looking in the direction Mark Cuban of DREAM and Golden Boy Productions. They didn't refer to him or his management as "Stinkin Russians". Another pat on the back for Dana White. Cheers.

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